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Laxachusetts Players Outstanding Achievements

By Staff, 06/24/15, 9:00PM EDT


Laxachusetts Players Outstanding Achievements


Parents and Players,

Although we are in full swing with the club tourney season and bringing home championships and seeing our teams and players compete against the best clubs in the Nation, wanted to take a few moments to highlight some amazing accomplishments from our players.

As you all know, we push our players very hard. We tell them "Decide what you want and go after it. No one who has achieved greatness had little expectations. You must expect more than anyone else expects from you".

The majority of our time and effort is spent on training our players. Working countless hours on skill technique and building lacrosse IQ. Learning to play the game at a higher level, at a faster pace and playing with a work ethic that is second to none.

We know playing in this club is not easy. We demand a lot from our players but we want the best for them. We want to help our players obtain their dreams and goals of playing college lacrosse and also your dreams and goals as a parents to help them getting into a great academic institution.

With all the hard work and commitment from our players, we are very fortunate to see so many of our players receive awards and accolades for all the hard work.

We would like to take a moment to recognize our players that have received recognition for their outstanding play on the field and commitment in the classroom.
High School League All Star Recipients (100 Players total):


LINCOLN-SUDBURY: Caleb Geitz, Eric Holden, Eamon Hunter, Connor McCarthy,  Harlan Smart.

CONCORD-CARLISLE: Will Blumenberg, Aidan Cyr

COHASSET: Cole Kissick, Jack Donohue, Danny Axelson, Max Fitzgerald

NORWELL: Jack Dole, Alex Ferguson

HULL: Shane Weber

ABINGTON: Matt O'Brien

MARSHFIELD: Trevor Scollins, Jake O'Riordan, Andrew Fithian, Matt McHugh, Jake Crossman

FOXBORO: Pat McCarthy

FRANKLIN: Austin Kent, Mike Sullivan 

KING PHILIP: Lukas Cepakauskas

WELLESLEY: David Jennings, Matt Kecker, Sam Eisenstadt, Tim Rahill 

NEEDHAM: Cliff Kurker, Luke Pascucci, Sam Eisenstadt

NATICK: Reuben Allik

BELMONT HILL: Charlie Durbin, Alex Santangelo, Matt Oneal, Will  Treanor 

BROOKS SCHOOL: Peter Ahonen 

GOVERNORS ACADEMY: Teddy Bettencourt, Scott Miller  


MIDDLESEX SCHOOL: Jack Lyne, Sam Carlin, James Sanderson 

MILTON ACADEMY: Rush Hogan, Owen Martinson, Michael Swirbalus 

NOBLE AND GREENOUGH: Teddy Strzetelski, Watson Cheek, Hayden Cheek, George Loring 

ROXBURY LATIN: Martin Buckley, Parker Kent, Andrew Song

ST GEORGE'S SCHOOL: Jonathan Tesoro

ST MARK'S SCHOOL: Owen Allen  

ST SEBASTIAN'S: Vaughn Gendron, James DeSisto, Greg Barletta, Mike Mackintire 

THAYER ACADEMY: Ryan Pfeffer, Sam Murphy, Connor Hayden, Grant Nichols, Duke Leneghan 

GROTON SCHOOL: Taggert Eymer

CATHOLIC MEMORIAL: Tyler Bogart, Curt Bletzer 

BC HIGH: AJ Kucinski, Oskar Djusberg 

XAVERIAN: Sean Sperzel

BILLERICA: Drew Laundry, Dean Brooks, Jeff Trainor, Tyler Canto 

DUXBURY: Hunter Marston, Liam Stauss, Shawn Errasti, Matt Sharpe, Brendan Duffy 

HINGHAM: Colin Flibotte, Marc Orourke, Jake Brodie  

SCITUATE: Sean Williams, David Theodore 

MEDFIELD: John MacLean, Matt Trieber, Will Murphy, Sam Naumann, Jack Henry - Vara, Nigel Reiff, Kevin McCordic, Jack Cahill

MOSES BROWN: Sam Alofsin, Alex Igliozzi, Alex Towey, Garrett Hanson, Matt Parker



High School All American Recipients (22 Players total): 

Alex Santangelo, Belmont Hill, Academic ISL All American
Mike Martens, Algonquin HS, Central MA All American
Eric Holden, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Eastern MA All American
Matt Treiber, Medfield HS, Eastern MA All American
Cole Kissick, Cohasset HS, Eastern MA All American
John MacLean, Medfield HS, Eastern MA All American
Harlan Smart, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Eastern MA All American
Jeff Trainor, Billerica HS, Eastern MA All American
Hunter Marston, Duxbury HS, Eastern MA All American
Liam Stauss, Duxbury HS, Eastern MA All American
Oskar Djusberg, BC High, Eastern MA All American
Jack Henry - Vara, Medfield HS, Eastern MA All American
AJ Kucinski, BC High, Eastern MA All American
Drew Laundry, Billerica, Eastern MA All American
Will Blumenberg, Concord Carlisle, Eastern MA All American
Cliff Kurker, Needham HS, Eastern MA All American
Matt Sharpe, Duxbury HS, Eastern MA All American
Caleb Geitz, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Eastern MA All American
Will Murphy, Medfield HS, Eastern MA All American
Tyler Canto, Billerica HS, Eastern MA All American
Trevor Scollins, Marshfield HS, Eastern MA All American
Lukas Cepkauskas, King Philip, Academic All American


USA U19 World Team Tryout Invitations (4):  
George Loring, Noble and Greenough (Ivy League Commit)
Luke Pascucci, Needham HS (Ivy League Commit)
Jack Lyne, Middlesex School, (Johns Hopkins Commit)
Philip Goss, Deerfield Academy (Ivy League Commit)

New England UnderArmour Team Selections (4): 

Brady Burke, Duxbury HS
Will Bowen, BC High (UNC Commit)
Luke Pascucci, Needham HS (Ivy League Commit)
Matt Davies (University of Richmond Commit)

Mid West Under Armour Team Selection (1)

Gavin Garrity - Rokus - Middlesex School (Georgetown Commit)

Under Armour All American Senior Game Selection (1):  
Jack Corbett, Hotchkiss School, Harvard University Commit
Boston Lax All American High School Game Selections (24): 
Charlie Durbin, Belmont Hill, Princeton Commit
George Loring, Noble and Greenough, Ivy League Commit
John MacLean, Medfield HS, Boston University Commit
Mike Martens, Algonquin HS, University of Albany Commit
Matt Sharpe, Duxbury HS, Fairfield University Commit
Harlan Smart, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Ivy League Commit
Oskar Djusberg, Boston College HS
Jack Lyne, Middlesex School, Johns Hopkins Commit
Hunter Marston, Duxbury HS, Ohio State Commit
Andrew Song, Roxbury Latin, Ivy League Commit
Mike Sullivan, Franklin HS, Siena College Commit
Trevor Scollins, Marshfield HS, Penn State Commit
Teddy Strzetelski, Noble and Greenough, Cornell University Commit
Eric Holden, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Hobart College Commit
Matt Trieber, Medfield HS
Cole Kissick, Cohasset HS, University of Richmond Commit
Ryan Pfeffer, Thayer Academy
Shane Sullivan, Duxbury HS, University of Michigan Commit
Jeff Trainor, Billerica HS, Umass Amherst Commit
Jack Henry - Vara, Medfield HS, Holy Cross Commit
Will Murphy, Medfield HS, Skidmore College Commit
Alex Santangelo, Belmont Hill, Brown University Commit
Liam Stauss, Duxbury HS, Cornell University Commit
Tyler Canto, Billerica HS, University of Lowell Commit

Congrats to ALL of our players on these great accomplishments !!! So proud of all of you. Your hard work has paid off and will continue to pay off for you in life. Continue to Crush Life !!

Looking forward to many more years of success for all of our players and future All Americans !!!

LXC Staff