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Recent Laxachusetts 2016 Class News



The National Lacrosse Federation is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Under Armour. Going forward, NLF events will be supported and enhanced by the world-renowned sports apparel, footwear and equipment brand. The NLF consists of the greatest club lacrosse teams and players in North America and Under Armour specializes in making all athletes better. Under Armour’s pursuit of greatness in lacrosse has long been evident in their presentation of the Under Armour All-America Lacrosse Games in July every year. By partnering with the NLF, they take another step in their support of the game of lacrosse. The NLF develops the best of the best in the sport to compete at a national elite level, starting at a very young age. Under Armour’s partnership will heighten the passion of these competitions and tighten up the road map to greatness that the NLF has laid out for the very best everywhere.

For their first act, UA and the NLF will be hosting the top 2022s, 2021s and 2020s at IMG in Florida for three days of lacrosse instruction, competition and evaluation. The NLF at IMG event is very fortunate to incorporate the expertise of Under Armour. Our athletes will be faster, more athletic and more competitive as a result of this great partnership and there truly isn’t a better facility to train and live at than the IMG school. Which is probably why the USA Lacrosse team which will be training there and playing there against Notre Dame that weekend.

The very best 2020s from this event will be invited to a one-day showcase held at the Under Armour facility, free of charge. On June 23rd, the NLF will invite the very best 2020s in the country to meet with Under Armour representatives, tour their company, demo some of their gear and then compete against each other in front of virtually every college in the country. All held in and around UA headquarters and on the same field where their products are currently tested and approved.

Earlier on June 10-11, the NLF and Under Armour will be welcoming teams to The Main Event Powered by Under Armour team tournament. Under Armour and the NLF will be welcoming the greatest lacrosse clubs and teams in North America to compete. Teams whose play reflect the passion and determination that drives the very best athletes. And on June 9, UA and the NLF will be welcoming individual players in the 2018 and 2019 classes who best reflect that passion and determination for the Power of WILL Individual Showcase. More info on all that will be out just after the New Year.

The National Lacrosse Federation is made up of the best clubs in North America. Nobody is better at developing lacrosse talent and their teams are the best in the country. Under Armour makes their athletes better through passion, design and the relentless pursuit of innovation. Having NLF events hosted and operated by Under Armour is great news for the NLF and its athletes and it is great news for the sport of lacrosse. Contact your regional NLF representative for more information on any of these events or keep an eye out for more information coming in January.

NLF Members:

Laxachusetts Lacrosse (MA), 91 Lacrosse (NY), Long Island Express (NY), Big 4 HHH (PA), Leading Edge (NJ), Baltimore Crabs (MD), Eclipse (CT), Edge (CAN), Mesa Fresh (PA), West Coast Starz (CA)


Laxachusetts Youth Fall Ball Tourney Results

By Staff 10/20/2015, 11:00am EDT

LXC Youth Teams Impress in Fall Ball

Great day of Lacrosse on Saturday Oct 17th at Taunton Forekicks. NH Tomahawks LC put on a great event bringing in top clubs from NH, MA and RI to compete in a fall ball tourney.
Laxachusetts teams were all even weighted for this event and went a combined 24 wins and 3 losses on the day taking home 4 out of the 5 Championships.

One of the best games of the day when our 4th grade team went against a 5th grade team in the Championship. Despite the 5th grade team being physically much bigger and jumping out to a 3-0 lead. Our boys battled back and won the game 7-6 with great ball movement and team play to take down the older and bigger team. Very exciting for these young players.

The hard work and commitment to stick skills from our boys continue to separate us from the pack. Looking forward to where we do our best work and truly develop our players (Our Indoor Skills which begin the week of 11/2)

Congrats to ALL of our teams and boys that demonstrated hard work, great teamwork, elite stick skills and a passion for the game on Saturday at the Scarecrow Tourney ! Cant wait for indoor skills training to begin.


Scarecrow Scores:

2024 Team

W 7 - 2 over 3d New England

W 16 - 3 over NH Tomahawks Purple

W 7-6 over Primetime Penguins 2023 team

2023 Green Team

W 12 - 5 over 3d New England

W 17 - 1 over NH Tomahawks Purple

W 19 - 4 over Warrior Elite

2023 White Team

L 4-5 to Coyotes LC

W 9 - 5 over 3d New England

W 12 - 0 over NH Tomahawks Purple

2022 Green Team

W 8 - 3 over Warrior Elite

W 13 - 1 over NH Tomahawks Purple

W 18 - 4 over New England Twisters

2022 White Team

W 7 - 6 over 3d New England

W 11 - 0 over Warrior Elite

W 18 - 0 over RI Bulldogs

2021 Green Team

W 7 -4 over 3d New England

W 7 - 3 over NH Tomahawks Purple

W 14- 4 over EB Lacrosse

2021 White Team

W 10 -4 over Warrior Elite

W 8 - 4 over 3d New England

W 12 -1 over HGR Lax

2020 Green Team

L 7 - 10 to NH Tomahawks Purple

W 9 - 1 Warrior Elite

W 13 -1 Coyotes Lax

2020 White Team

W 14 - 2 over HGR Lax

W 11 - 4 over 3d New England

L 5 - 8 to NH Tomahawks Purple

Laxachusetts Players Proudly Represent USA in Box and Field National Teams


Congrats to USA U19 Field Player, Phillip Goss, Deerfield Academy, Brown Commit

Congrats to USA U19 Box Player, USA Captain Teddy Strzetelski, Cornell Freshman

Congrats to USA U19 Box Player, USA Asst Captain Morgan Cheek, Harvard Sophomore

Congrats to USA U19 Box Player, Watson Cheek, Noble and Greenough, Harvard Commit

Congrats to USA U19 Box Player, Jake Brodie, Hingham HS, Air Force Commit

Congrats to USA U19 Box Player, Mickey Fitzpatrick, Lehigh Freshman

Hard Work continues to pay off for our players ! Congrats Guys on Proudly Representing your Country, Massachusetts Lacrosse and our Laxachusetts Lacrosse Family