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Recent Laxachusetts 2026 Class News

Laxachusetts Leads the Way in the Nation

By LXC Staff 06/13/2024, 4:00pm EDT

Laxachusetts Families, 

This has been an amazing year for our Laxachusetts Program. 

First, last July we announced the partnership with USA Lacrosse and the NLF (National Lacrosse Federation) on the Age Verification for youth club lacrosse. This was much needed with the number of clubs out there playing kids down just to try and win game to help with national club rankings. Laxachusetts brought this to the NLF and helped work out details with USA Lacrosse. 

Next, Laxachusetts which has led the country in college recruiting every year since the 2012 graduating class, is now approaching another milestone never done by a lacrosse club. In our 19 years as a boys program, we now have 993 total college commits and expect to hit 1000 before the end of the summer! Absolutely ridiculous accomplishment by all of our program and all involved. 

Lastly, Inside Lacrosse and the National Lacrosse Federation are excited to announce a landmark multi-year partnership on content generation and distribution, focused around team and player ratings and rankings, as well as event seeding.

For the first time ever, IL and NLF will jointly conduct a club coaches poll, which will both be published independently and be incorporated into a new mathematical formula that will augment IL’s existing club team ratings equation.

There are a few club ranking web sites out there but many are pay to boost ranking. Advertise with them and your club ranks is boosted. Other ranking also do not factor in strength of schedule or opponent with wins / losses which create inaccurate rankings. 

This partnership with the NLF and Inside Lacrosse will create a very fair and accurate club team and player ranking system. This is the only club and player ranking site that we will be following. 

Laxachusetts would not be the leader in the spot without the support from all of our families all these years. The success we have as a program is because we are all working together. Parents believe in our system / process and players give everything they have to make themselves and teammates better. 

We continue to work hard to make Laxachusetts greater every year and do our best to help make the sport better. 

Looking forward to an incredible summer season and more to come for our players, teams and families 

Boston Pride 

Thank You 
LXC Staff 

Laxachusetts Named #3 Club Program in Country

By Sports Staff 12/21/2021, 10:00pm EST

Laxachusetts #1 Program in New England 11 years running

Laxachusetts Lacrosse Club ranked #3 in the country behind the 91 Lacrosse club from Long Island (#1) and the Annapolis Hawks Club from Maryland (#2) .

Laxachusetts has been the #1 club in New England since 2012.

Laxachusetts has led the country in college commitments in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022. 

Currently leading the country with 2023 commits as well with 21 players committed as of Dec 21st, 2021.

All of this success is from our commitment to invest in our players. We offer the most comprehensive off season training program in the country for our players with the top coaches in the region. Our players are not focused on what team they are placed on. The entire focus is about getting better and pushing each other as all of our players train together as a single group . 

Hard work and brining a blue collar style to training and our game style is the foundation of our success as a program 

Thank you to the parents, players and coaches for the commitment and dedication and working together for our boys 

LXC Staff 

LXC Youth Teams Undefeated Fall Ball Tourney

Laxachusetts Parents, 

We just wrapped our scheduled Fall Ball Tourney's for the Youth Fall Ball season.

Overall an incredible season. Fall Ball is always tough because the kids are all very busy with fall sports and even some winter sports starting up early. 

The fall ball program gives the kids a jump start on our winter skills. Each week we have been ramping up the skill level, tempo and intensity of the sessions. 

We plan to jump right into winter skills from where we are leaving off in the fall season. 

We realize there are a lot of players that did not participate in the fall ball program. Not an issue at all. We do expect that those players have been keeping their sticks in their hands though and will be coming to winter skills ready to go. 

Our youth teams  and players had tremendous success in our fall ball tourneys. We won championships in almost every grade in every tourney. Overall club program we won over 95% of our games this fall.

We saved the best for last this weekend with an incredibly impressive showing at the Laxtoberfest at Devens with a club record of 24-0. 

The biggest difference in our teams play that weekend was the commitment to GRITTY defense and pressing out on the ball and getting back inside to help off ball. We spent almost the entire practice Saturday evening in Taunton explaining what exactly we expect / need from our players when defending on and off ball. 

We have a TON of work to do this winter skills season. 

We explain to our players every time we are with them that we are everyone's Super Bowl Game. Every club program in the region and even nationally will measure their success on how they compete against us. 

Laxachusetts was recently named the 3rd best club program in the country by NLF rankings. It is great for our club to be recognized for all of the hard work and commitment from our players, coaches and parents. But rankings do nothing but give other programs bulletin board material. 

We need to continue to outwork the competition. When we do do this, great things happen for our players / teams. 

Lets make sure the boys keep the sticks in their hands. Fifteen minutes per day on the wall. 
Winter Skills start up soon. 

Click Here for the winter skills calendar. Pls do not let your son come in unprepared. 

We are super excited to get started in a few weeks at the winter skills and get the boys going and helping them build their skill level and IQ levels. 

Thank You 

LXC Staff