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Laxachusetts Youth Teams Take Home Championships in Long Island, Boston and Maryland

By Staff, 07/14/18, 8:45PM EDT


Laxachusetts Youth Teams Showcase Championship Effort at Long Island, New England and Mid Atlantic Elite Tournaments. 

After an incredible showing at the Prime Time Shootout at Babson College where we had a record setting 8 Teams Bring home Championships.

We were now hitting (3) of the toughest tourneys on our calendar.

In these next (3) Tourneys, we combined for 12 Championships and had a total of (29) Teams in the Semi FInals or Finals. 

Long Island Tri Star Clash hosted by LI Express featuring top clubs from Long Island, Connecticut, and Upstate. 

The Legacy Invitational featuring hosted by Laxachusetts featuering top Clubs from New England, Mid West, New Jersey, Long Island, Texas, and Philadelphia. 

The Young Gunz Tourney hosted by Baltimore Crabs featuring top clubs from the Mid Atlantic region and West Coast. 

These are (3) of the highest level youth tournaments in the country and our youth teams performed better than ever this summer. The hard work, commitment to skill development, fundamentals, lacrosse IQ and playing our unique high tempo level of play has created incredible success for all of our teams. 

We could not be more proud of our boys and teams. 
Boston Pride 

Long Island Tri Star Clash 

We had a wonderful weekend in Long Island at the Tri Star Lax Clash hosted by the LI Express LC. 
We have been attending this tourney the past 5 years and without question, this was the toughest competition from top to bottom we have seen traveling to LI. 
We knew going in our teams and players were going to truly be tested in every game. 
Our goal to to continue to push our players to help them continue to develop.

The results were incredible and shows that the hard work the boys are putting in is truly paying off.

This was the best our teams have ever done at this tourney and it was the best competition they have had . 

We had the following teams in the Semi Finals or Finals. 

  • 27 Black - SEMI FINALS 
  • 26 Black - SEMI FINALS 
  • 26 Green - CHAMPS 
  • 26 White - SEMI FINALS (OT Loss to Green) 
  • 25 Black - SEMI FINALS 
  • 25 White - CHAMPS 
  • 24 White - CHAMPS 
  • 23 Black - SEMI FINALS 
  • 23 Navy - FINALS 
  • 23 White - SEMI FINALS 

Overall terrific showing by all of our teams. You want to be the best, you need to play the best . Getting better everyday

Now onto Legacy Invitational ☘️

Boston Pride

2026 Green Team - CHAMPS
2025 White Team - CHAMPS 
2024 White Team - CHAMPS 

Legacy Invitational 

Always a highly competitive event with Clubs from all over New England, Long Island, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Mid West, and Texas. Considered the toughest youth tourney in Massachusetts. 

Our teams continued their great success in tourney play and continue to improve in all area's of the game. 

We had the following teams in the Semi Finals or Finals. 

  • 2027 White - FINALS
  • 2027 Green - SEMI FINALS 
  • 2027 Black - SEMI FINALS 
  • 2026 Black - CHAMPS 
  • 2025 Navy - FINALS 
  • 2025 White - SEMI FINALS 
  • 2025 Black - CHAMPS 
  • 2024 White - CHAMPS 
  • 2024 Black - CHAMPS 
  • 2023 White - SEMI FINALS 
  • 2023 Black - SEMI FINALS 
  • 2023 Green - SEMI FINALS 
  • 2022 Navy - CHAMPS 
  • 2022 Yellow - FINALS 
  • 2022 Black - SEMI FINALS 
Outstanding job by all of our teams, (15) teams making it to the SEMI FINALS or FNALS.. BOSTON PRIDE BABY ! 

Young Gunz Invitational

We headed to Baltimore to compete in what is considered the top event in the Mid Atlantic region. We brought our 2027AA Black, 2026AA Black, 2025AA Black, 2024AA Black and 2023AA Black teams. 

Without a doubt the best performance our teams have ever had in the Mid Atlantic region. Facing the top clubs from Maryland, Philadelphia, DC, Virginia and West Coast 

  • 2027 Black - CHAMPS
  • 2026 Black - CHAMPS 
  • 2024 Black - CHAMPS 
  • 2023 Black - CHAMPS 

Yes...We took home 4 out of the 5 Championship Divisions at this event. BOOM ! 
Best part was all of the support we were receiving from all or our families back home in Boston who were following the games on Tourney Machine all weekend. Non stop texts and emails from all of our players and their families back home in Boston.