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Laxachusetts has 77 Players and 3 Coaches Who are competing in the MIAA Semi Finals. Congratulations too all players, coaches, and teams !

By Sports Staff, 06/10/11, 11:19AM EDT


77 Laxachusetts Players in Semi Finals of DI, DII, DIII High School Lax

Congrtaulations to all the players, Coaches and teams who have fought and worked so hard to get to the Semi Finals of the MIAA.

We would like to recognize the Laxachusetts players and coaches who will be particpating in the Semi Finals and representing their high school and towns on the big stage

Division I

Duxbury HS (ranked #3 in D1)

H. Buonagurio, J Burke, A Buron, A Fitzgerald, S Connelly, J Gomer, K Haffey, T Harrison, P Hellar, K Jacobson, J McDermott, C Mullins, R Naton, M O'Keefe, A Padula, M Randall, W Siefert, C LoConte, H Narlee, J Walsh, G Ward, T Connelly, T Sarles, B Fitzgerald, J Higgins, T Hannon, P Murphy, B O'Brien, W Weld

Billerica HS (ranked #2 in D1)

J Fritz, C Slatton, K LeClair, B LeClair, D Smith, Asst Coach Marty Bulhoes

Needham HS (ranked #5 in D1)

Jack Delaney, Ned Connolly, R McGowen, N Panepinto, M Panepinto, R Pisano

Division II

Hingham (ranked #3 in DII)

K Blair, K Weller, D Frietas, C Brodie, A Leduc, C Fitzgerald, J Melia, Asst Coach Terrence Riley

Medfield (ranked #9 in DII)

S Aronson, G Read, P Gill, N Farmer, T Conlon, C Diana, C Richard, C Roddy, B Cox, A Melvin, M Ruzzo, M Crowell, B Frasca, J Ganem, T Hagan, J Isaf, R Trieber, Coach Bob Aronson

Division III

Cohasset (ranked # 3 in DIII)

J Kissick, K Livingston, C Neaves, M Arnold, W Golden, J McElgunn. C Whelan

Dover Sherborn (ranked # 1 in DIII)

B Polk, R Goodall, D Blatt, R Boylan, C Hyde, J Polk