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Laxachusetts Youth Finish Off Fall Ball with 6 out of 8 Championships

By Staff, 10/31/17, 8:00PM EDT


LXC Youth Finish Fall 2017 Boston Strong !

On a good ‘ole NEW ENGLAND Fall day the Laxachusetts Teams displayed exactly why hard work and effort will not be thwarted by inclement weather.
Overall we were 36-7 on the day.
Won 6 out of 8 championships total (AA/A)
3 of those losses were LXC vs LXC teams.
We won Championships in every division with the exception of 4th grade AA and 8th grade A. Both losses were 1 goal games.

  • The 4th grade loss was hard fought, and players clearly left all effort on the field. This is what we value most for every event.
  • The 8th grade A loss was to a feisty Homegrown Team with a fantastic face-off kid. Coach Noone was employing several strategies to try and obtain possession. Players went hard but we played a ton of defense. In the end, it was another 1 goal game but equally intense effort was put forth by all.

There are so many things I reflect on after a great day of tournament play. However, there is one thing that stood out to me yesterday that I want to bring up.
The comradery of the Laxachusetts players and parents was incredible to witness.  As I watched the day unfold yesterday, I did not see individual players displaying their talents but rather a family of brothers committed to pushing each other to be the best. With the support of their Laxachusetts teammates (within and across teams) – everyone rose to the occasion.
I watched as the 8th grade Laxachusetts players pumped up a team of 6th grade Laxachusetts team before their final game of the day. I then watched the 6th graders get so excited by their support that they played an incredible game – a hard fought game with hustle and complete domination of the groundball battle even after losing a majority of their subs to play-off football. The effort did not waiver.
I watched the fire in our 2022’s as they dominated a team in honor of our face off guy who was hurt in a previous game. With effort and hustle in the championship game we forced the other team to use the mercy rule when down by 10 goals. 
The 2023 team in the championship saw themselves down by several goals at halftime and struggling to get the face-off possession. In a torrent of aggression, they came out in the second half and dominated every aspect of play including face-offs and ground balls.
As I walked around from field to field, I watched in awe as the Laxachusetts players fought hard together. I did not see individual players showcasing their talents, I saw teammates making the right play, giving the ball to the right person in the best position, and covering and sliding on defense as needed.
I was so proud to be part of the Laxachuetts family on Sunday – and so psyched to see these boys work together to make each other better.
We still have lots of work left to do – individually and together …..but the tone has been set. Going into the skills season with tremendous momentum and anticipation of continued effort and comradery to make each other better.
I wanted to leave you with this thought. If you have a fellow buddy in Laxachusetts whether the same grade or not, reach out and see if they might want to train together during some free time. Consider a “play date" where you play catch and shoot balls or come up with a new and unique game to test your lacrosse skills. I am proclaiming based on your inspiration the unofficial theme for this winter skills--
Work harder …together!
Laxachusetts Pride

Coach Evans