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College Commitments

By Sports Staff , 05/27/24, 8:15AM EDT


Our Player College Commitment List and Alumni Section

I want to wish all of our graduating Laxachusetts and Laxachusetts Minutemen players best of luck playing at the Collegiate level in the fall/spring.

The EMass JRM Minutemen and Laxachusetts programs merged in the 2009/2010 Season and look forward to an amazing partnership now as the Laxachusetts Minutemen and continuing Developing players and helping players obtain their dream of playing collegiate lacrosse.


2025 Class

2025 Graduating Class (26)

Willy Robinson, Scituate HS, West Point, DI

Colin Kenney, Noble and Greenough, Notre Dame, DI

Ethan Train, Noble and Greenough, Naval Academy, DI

Ty Chouinard, Thayer Academy, West Point, DI

Teddy Lally, Thayer Academy, Notre Dame, DI 

Lindan Verville, Belmont Hill, University of Virginia, DI

Gus Beaudry, Thayer Academy, West Point, DI 

Owen Crann, Middlesex School, University of Pennsylvania, DI

Kyle Hata, Choate Rosemary Hall, University of Maryland, DI 

Chandler McClements, St Sebastian's, University of Pennsylvania, DI

Jack Cappadona, Thayer Academy, West Point, DI 

Preston Evans, Belmont Hill, University of Virginia, DI 

John Stenberg, St Sebastian's, Dartmouth College, DI

Colten Yates, East Catholic HS (CT), Rutgers University, DI

Jack Curran, Needham HS, University of Richmond, DI

Anthony Dara, St Thomas Aquinas School, University of Utah, DI

Crosby Thurmond, St Sebastian's, The College of Holy Cross, DI

Paul Armstrong, St Sebastian's, The College of Holy Cross, DI

Brayden Mattera, Walpole HS, Merrimack College, DI

John Cary, Xaverian Brothers HS, Saint Michael's College, DII

Nolan Martindale, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Merrimack College, DI

Kyle O'Leary, Noble and Greenough, Yale University, DI (Hockey)

Devin Maguire, St Sebastian's, West Point, DI        

Christian Chiusolo, Thayer Academy, University of Alabama Huntsville, DII 

Jack Cooper, Andover HS, Dickinson College, DIII

Liam Goodwin, Duxbury HS, UMass Lowell, DI  


2024 Class

2024 Graduating Class (65)

John Paul "JP" Guinee, Holderness School, West Point, DI

Tyler Clayton,  Acton Boxboro HS, UMass, DI

Nate Austin - Johnstone, Thayer Academy, Rutgers, DI

Pearse MacDonald, Governor's Academy, U Penn, DI

Chris Cabral, Thayer Academy, Rutgers, DI  

Evan Oneil, Tabor Academy, Richmond, DI

Sean Crogan, Lexington HS, Johns Hopkins, DI

Peyton "Finn" Fox - Belmont Hill, Princeton, DI

Jimmy Kenney, Needham HS, Notre Dame, DI 

Charlie McCullough, BC High, Rutgers, DI

Antonio Ciolfi, Xaverian Brothers HS, Long Island University, DI

Jackson Henehan, Thayer Academy, Harvard University, DI

Sean Walsh, Hull HS, Providence College, DI

Chris Merageas, St Sebastian's School, University of Denver, DI

Dante Mariani, Xaverian Brothers HS, Bryant University, DI

Finley Morin, Longmeadow HS, Lafayette College, DI

Hunter Molway, Xaverian Brothers HS, Stony Brook Univ, DI

Declan Lee, Cohasset HS, University Maryland Baltimore County, DI

Logan Delponte, Hopkinton HS, St Bonaventure University, DI

Michael Quinn, St Sebastian's School, University of Michigan, DI

James Joyce, St Sebastian's School, University of Michigan, DI

Brendan Owens, Xaverian Brothers HS, Stony Brook Univ, DI

Drew Laguerre, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Gettysburg College, DIII

Christian Kelly, Catholic Memorial HS, Union College, DIII

Quin Hall, Plymouth South HS, St Michael's College, DII

Jake Harkins, Catholic Memorial HS, Endicott College, DIII

Shane Corcoran, Sandwich HS, Assumption College, DII

Kevin Gailius, BC High, Assumption College, DII 

Brendan Fulham, St Sebastian's, Duke University, DI 

Joshua Do, Rivers School, Swarthmore College, DIII

Tommy Schwartz, Noble and Greenough, Middlebury College, DIII

Max Proia, St Sebastian's, Colby College, DIII

Nikolas Barnes, St Georges School, Trinity College, DIII

Conrad Langenhagen, Thayer Academy, Union College, DIII

Finbar Holland, Thayer Academy, Union College, DIII

Max Galvin, BC High, Bates College, DIII

Jack Schneider, Belmont Hill, St Lawrence University, DIII

Alex Burrill, Scituate HS, Roger Williams, DIII

Jack Kelley, BC High, Assumption College, DII 

Kallan Lonergan, Concord Carlisle HS, Ohio Wesleyan University, DIII

Will Gaynor, Lawrence Academy, Union College, DIII

Declan Reilly, Belmont Hill, Fairfield University, DI

Nathan Coghlin, Catholic Memorial HS, St Lawrence  University, DIII

Sean Patrick DiLallo, Roxbury Latin, Haverford College, DIII

Anthony Sulham, Foxboro HS, Assumption College, DII

Cormac Walsh, St Sebastian's, Bowdoin College, DIII

Wyatt Iantosca, Hopkinton HS, Endicott College, DIII

Aiden Mahoney, Acton Boxboro HS, Endicott college, DIII

Thomas Sheehan, Duxbury HS, Clark University, DIII

Gus Belsher, St Pauls School,  Union College, DIII

Thomas Cronan, Hanover High School, St Anselm College, DII

John Shannon, Cohasset HS, Lake Forest College, DIII

Cooper Ray, Lexington HS, Ohio Wesleyan University, DIII

Adam Balewicz,  Nashoba Regional HS, Cornell College, DI (track)

Michael Winn,  Xaverian Brothers HS, Endicott College, DIII

Marshall Rice, BC High, Trinity College, DIII (football)

Sam Wien, Duxbury HS, Wesleyan University, DIII

Michael Lawler, Wilmington HS, Franklin Pierce University, DIII

Zack Adams, Scituate HS, University of South Carolina, IMCLA (Club) 

James Mullowney, Belmont Hill, Boston College, IMCLA (Club) 

Cal Peterson, Belmont Hill, U. of Indiana, MCLA (Club)

Tyler Quinn, Thayer Academy, U. of Tennessee, MCLA (Club)

Colton Downing, Scituate, Colgate, MCLA (Club)

Charlie Hartwell, Scituate HS, Boston College, MCLA (Club) 




2023 Class

2023 Graduating Class (66)

Dylan Johnson, LaSalle Academy, UMass Amherst, DI

David Sullivan, Roxbury Latin, Dartmouth College, DI

William Pessanelli, Xaverian Brothers HS, Boston University, DI

Connor Foley, Thayer Academy, Brown University, DI

James Carroll, BC High, Georgetown University, DI 

Eli Goldstein, Belmont Hill, Dartmouth College, DI

Zack Waxman, Dexter School, UMass Amherst, DI   

Mikey Stenberg, Thayer Academy, USHL / Providence College, DI (Hockey)

Julian Targete, IMG Academy, Ohio State University, DI

Adam Nigrelli, BC High, University of North Carolina, DI

Owen Umansky, Governor's Academy, Harvard University, DI

Wyatt Glass, Duxbury HS, Merrimack College, DI

Ryan Williamson, St Sebastian's School, Dartmouth College, DI

Murphy McLaughlin, Milton Academy, Boston University, DI

Charlie Hazard, Belmont Hill, Johns Hopkins, DI

Matthew Swirbulas, St Sebastian's School, Villanova University, DI 

Riley Stanton, Roxbury Latin, College of Holy Cross, DI

Chase Gozdeck, Lincoln Sudbury HS, University of Vermont, DI

Rocco Boland, MillBrook School CT,  University of Vermont, DI

Tucker Chanechuck, Thayer Academy, Stonybrook University, DI

Beau Chouinard, Thayer Academy, College of Holy Cross, DI

Matthew Torrey, Belmont Hill, Air Force Academy, DI

Connor Stack, Sandwich HS, Merrimack College, DI

Connor Noone, Foxboro HS, Merrimack College, DI

Carson Ahola, Dover Sherborn HS, Colby College, DIII

Will Tryder, St Sebastian's School, Trinity College, DIII

Cooper Chapman, BC High,  Babson College, DIII

Luke Theberge, Belmont Hill School, Tufts University, DIII

Jack Pyne, BC High, Bowdoin College, DIII

Ben Wong,  Avon Old Farms, Trinity College, DIII

Parker Villarin, Duxbury HS, Airforce Academy, DI 

Henry Schoettle, Milton Academy, Connecticut College, DIII

Brody MacDonald, Thayer Academy, Endicott College, DIII

Gabe Elkin, Natick HS, Union College, DIII

Ryan Nagle, Duxbury HS, Williams College, DIII

Paddy Maroney, BC High, Gettysburg College, DIII

Andrew Toland, BC High, Bates College, DIII (football and lax) 

Nico Berger, BB&N School, Amherst College, DIII

Brian Shortt, Catholic Memorial, Assumption College, DII 

Donny Varnerin, Westwood HS, Boston University, DI

Hayes McCarron, BC High, Bowdoin College, DIII (football and lax)

Ryan Winters,  Lincoln Sudbury HS, Bowdoin College, DIII 

Brady Monturio, Thayer Academy, Denison University, DIII

Dylan Benoit, Bridgewater High School, Assumption College, DII

Charlie Haight, Governor's Academy, Denison University, DIII

Scottie Lowe, Thayer Academy, RPI, DIII

Matt Moore, Philips Exeter, Catholic University, DIII

Brody Rice, BC High, Colby College, DIII (Football)

Trey Soto, Wellesley HS, Clark University, DIII

Tristan Ghosh, St Ignatius Prep, Yale University, DI

Christian Biggins, Duxbury HS, MIT, DIII

Jon Marvin, Choate Rosemary Hall, Williams College, D3 (Football)

Colin Humphrey, Cohasset HS, Boston College, IMCLA 

Christian Brunner, Belmont Hill, Boston College, IMCLA

Thomas Stapleton, Thayer Academy, Syracuse University, 

Sam Tavitian, Thayer Academy, Mass Maritime Academy, DIII 

Camden Matthews, Acton Boxborough HS, Babson College, DIII

Ian Wick, Milton HS, Catholic Univ, DIII

Ben Hickey, Hanover HS, Bryant University, DI (Football)

Blake Forrester, St Johns High School,  University of Miami, IMCLA

Hunter Gannon, Gann Academy, Norwich University, DIII

James Lopes, Plymouth South HS, Assumption University, DII

Timmy Spiegel, Plymouth South HS, South Carolina University, IMCLA

Kenny Thurston, Plymouth South HS, Junior Hockey League (Hockey)

Jackson Landy, Milton Academy, Carnegie Mellon University, (IMCLA)

Sam Macdonald, Philips Exeter Academy, Holy Cross, DI    



2022 Class

2022 Graduating Class (67)

Christian Thornton - Bridgewater HS, UMass Lowell, DI

Will Potter - Rivers Academy , Utah, DI

Jack Rideout - St. Sebastians, Michigan, DI

Oran Gelinas - Middlesex, Ohio State, DI

Aidan Maguire - St. Sebastians, Duke, DI

Aidan O'Neil - Tabor, University of Richmond, DI

PJ McKeigue - St. Sebastians, Penn, DI

Tim McNamara - Tabor Academy, Denver, DI

Eddie Perry - Bridgewater HS, Providence, DI

Anthony Kultrides - Cohasset HS, Merrimack, DI

Jake Gilbert - Xaverian HS, Fairfield, DI

Nick Pisano - Needham HS, Bryant, DI

Patrick Crogan - Lexington HS, Georgetown, DI

Matt Lazzarro - Franklin HS, Penn State, DI

Ted Wilson - Thayer Academy, St. Lawrence, DIII

Thomas Andruzzi - La Salle, Sacred Heart, DI

Campbell Pang, Duxbury HS, Williams College DIII (football) 

Delby Lemieux, Duxbury HS, Dartmouth College DI (football) 

Ethan Oneill, Belmont Hill School, Tufts University, DIII 

Andrew Hahm, St Sebastian's School, Amherst College, DIII 

Alex Vlacich, Rivers School, Amherst College, DIII 

Owen Hoffman, Hingham HS, Swarthmore College, DIII

Lucca Casagrande, Milton Academy, Wesleyan University, DIII

Ben Frisoli, St Sebastian's School, Tufts University, DIII

Tim Souza, St Sebastian's School, Amherst College, DIII

James Brennan, North Attleboro HS,  Connecticut College, DIII

Ben Ryan, Xaverian Brothers HS, Hamilton College, DIII

Drew Dummer, Belmont Hill School, Middlebury College, DIII

Griffin Cusack, St Sebastian's School, Colorado College, DIII

Colin Whitmore, Thayer Academy, Colorado College, DIII 

Nick Sokolosky, Choate Academy, Colby College, DIII

Beau Keough, Roxbury Latin, Tufts University, DIII

Quin Fedor, Medfield HS , St Lawrence, DIII 

Connor Hartman, Hingham HS, Bates College, DIII

Jack Avery, Foxboro HS, Emmanual College, DIII

Seamus McCarthy, Tabor Academy, University of Utah, DI

Colby Leblanc, Natick HS, Siena University, DI

Charlie McGurrin, Philips Exeter, Georgetown University, DI 

Ben Shocket, Sharon HS, RPI, DIII

John Sula, Hingham HS, Union College, DIII

Brady Martin, Winchester HS, St Anselms College, DIII

John Nagle,  Duxbury HS, Trinity College, DIII

Griffin Hough, Tabor Academy, Gettysburg College, DIII

Cooper Manzi, Tabor Academy, RPI, DIII

Brady Glass, Duxbury HS, Bentley University, DII 

Henry Crean, Hingham HS, Union College, DIII

Cian Nicholas, Hingham HS, Denison University, DIII

Will Souza, Xaverian Brothers HS, Stevens Tech,  DIII

Tim Browne, St Sebastian's School, Colorado College, DIII

Cole Van Meter, Nobles / Deerfield, Boston University, DI 

Bowman Rhinesmith, Duxbury HS, Tufts University, DIII (Football)

Brendan Crowley, Auburn High School, St Anslem's College, DII

Joe LaRosa, BC High,  Lake Forest College, DIII

Will Bowen, Dover Sherborn, Franklin & Marshall, DIII

Thomas DeMaio, Westwood HS, Western New England College, DIII

Alex Colella, Duxbury HS, Florida Institute of Technology, DIII

Kyle Piersak, Needham HS,  Bentley College, DII

Niko Decola, Hingham HS, Curry College, DIII

Pat Doyle, Weymouth High, Mass Maritime Academy, DIII

Alex Godwin, Milton Academy, Hamilton College, DIII (Football & Lacrosse) 

Tim Blanch, Duxbury HS, Young Harris College, DII

Jack Markley - Marshfield HS, Salve Regina, DIII

Sean Holland, Winchester HS, New England College, DII

Liam Connor, Middlesex School, Boston College DI (Football)

Will Elias, St Sebastian's, College of the Holy Cross, DI (Hockey)

Tim Delay, St Sebastian's, Boston College, DI (Hockey)    



2021 Class

2021 Graduating Class (66)

Grant Litchfield, Belmont Hill, Lehigh, DI

CJ Monturio, Thayer Academy, West Point, DI

Antonio Topouzis, LaSalle Academy, Cornell University, DI

Cole Van Meter, Noble and Greenough, Boston University, DI

Zach Travaglini, Belmont Hill, Boston University, DI

Will Leese, Duxbury HS, University of Utah, DI

Brian Anderson, Roxbury Latin, Brown University, DI

Matt Lazzaro, Franklin HS, Boston University, DI

Theo Kostakos, Thayer Academy, University of Jacksonville, DI

Ronan Doherty, Groton School, University of Notre Dame, DI

Quinn McConnaughey, Thayer Academy, Providence College, DI 

Will Hoyt, Tabor Academy, Colgate University, DI

Trey Brown, Belmont Hill, Boston University, DI

Vincent Horton, BC High, Bryant University, DI   

Carter Rice, BC High, Syracuse, DI   

Thomas Armstrong, St. Sebastien's, Bucknell, DI

Owen Porter, BC High, Dickenson College, DIII

Sam Frisoli, St Sebastian's, Tufts University, DIII

Liam Ford, St Sebastian's, Bowdoin College, DIII

Will McCarthy, Middlesex School, Middlebury, DIII

Carl Callahan, Wellesley HS, Trinity College, DIII

Johnny Cowdrick, Middlesex School, Trinity College, DIII

Emmitt Martin, BC High, Babson College, DIII

Luke Wiese, Dover Sherborn HS, Muhlenberg College, DIII

Mikey Ryan, BC High, Holy Cross, DI

Jake McCloy, Thayer Academy, Gettysburg College, DIII

Jack Roche, North Andover HS, Amherst College, DIII (Football)

Kevin Ewanich, BC High, Colby College, DIII 

Louis Timmons, BC High, Tufts, DIII

Michael Vachon, Medfield HS, Connecticut College, DIII

Colin MacLean, Andover HS, Denison University, DIII 

Charlie Crean, Hingham HS, Gettysburg, DIII

Scott Witkos, Tabor Academy, Union, DIII

Drew Litner, Sharon HS, Rhodes College, DIII

Will Stockwell, Catholic Memorial, Williams College, DIII

Mason Dorr, Concord Carlisle, Vermont, DI

John Cervieri, Loyola Academy, Ohio Weslyan, DIII

Darren Palma, Framingham, Lynchburg DIII

Owen Sedlacek, Belchertown, Nazareth DIII

Nick Polymeros, Natick, Assumption DII

Matt Carbone, Needham, Lasall DII

Patrick DeMatteo, Scituate, UMass DI

Jamie Horton, BC High, Syracuse, DI

Devin McGinty, Cohassett, BC, MCLA

Will Nolan, Duxbury, Babson, DIII

Matty Kenney, Thayer Academy,  University of Notre Dame, 

Colby Helfrich, Marshfield, Sacred Heart, DI

Sam Bellomy, Hingham, Northeastern, MCLA

Hugh Cronin, BC High, Boston College, MCLA

Colin McClean, Andover, Denison, Div III

Tim Sullivan, Walpole, Curry, Div. II

Declan Burrill, BC High, Elon, Div. II

Owen Lockwood, Worcester Academy, Endicott, Div. III

Sam Steele, Pembroke, Lynchburg, Div. III

Teddy Lucier, Cohasset, Providence (Club)

John Demarco, Thayer, Providence (Club)

Matt Falvey, Hingham, UNH, MCLA

Seamus Foley, St. Sebastian's, Union (Football / Lacrosse) Div. III

Rueben Melkonian, Needham, Conn College, Div. III

Jack Frediani, Lowell, UMass Lowell (Football)

Triston Moss, St. Andrew's, Denison, Div. III

Ryan Mulhern, Pembroke, St. Anslem's, Div. II

Colby Sheehan, Duxbury, Boston University (Club)

Nick Toland, BC High, Boston College, MCLA

Sam Rice, Manchester Essex, UC Santa Clara

Christian Lederman, Natick HS, RPI, DIII (Lacrosse and Football) 


2020 Class

2020 Graduating Class (76)

Blake Brookes, Belmont Hill School, Dartmouth, DI

Cam Rubin, Belmont Hill School, UPenn, DI

Isaac Tallino, Natick HS, Johns Hopkins, DI

Caleb Hammett, Hanover HS, UMass Amherst, DI

Peter Kip, Thayer Academy, Holy Cross, DI

Owen Boss, St John's High School, Quinnipiac, DI

Conor Rooney, Shawsheen Technical HS,  Franklin Pierce University, DII

Max Beauchamp, LaSalle Academy, Rutgers University, DI

Colin Bergstrom, Roxbury Latin, Harvard University, DI

Michael Chabra, Austin Prep, Providence College, DI

Brayden Edwards, LaSalle Academy, Sacred Heart University, DI

George Egan, Hingham HS, University of Vermont, DI

John Marshall, Andover, Boston University, DI

Garrett Murphy, Billerica HS, UMass Lowell, DI

Quinn Richards, Belmont Hill, Air Force Academy, DI

John Dixon, Noble and Greenough, Georgetown Univ, DI 

Jake Candelino, Pingree School, Sacred Heart Univ, DI 

Timmy LaCroix, St John Shrewsbury, Bryant Univ, DI

John Schofield, Medfield HS, Lehigh Univ, Di

Cooper Shape, Hingham HS, Fairfield Univ, DI

Jack Bowen, Concord Carlisle HS, Colby College, DIII

Sasha Gannon, Belmont Hill, Dickinson College, DIII

Jack Marshall, Tabor Academy, Kenyon College, DIII

Judge Murphy, Brooks School, Saint Lawrence University, DIII

Ray O'Brien, Scituate HS, Hampden - Sydney College, DIII

Jack Quinn, Brooks School, Muhlenberg College, DIII

Keegan Reilly, La Salle Academy HS, RPI, DIII

Sam Ward, Hingham HS, Hobart College, DI

Michael Curran, BC High, Connecticut College, DIII

Welles Hatch, Concord Carlisle HS, Union College, DIII

Seamus Johnston, Duxbury HS, Trinity College, DIII

Will Milewski, Tabor Academy, Furman University, DI

Andrew Murray, Winchester HS, Union College, DIII

Aidan Sullivan, BC High, Salisbury University, DIII

Thomas Swirbalus, Milton Academy, Tulane University, MCLA

Nick Taylor, Noble and Greenough, Hamilton College, DIII

Ryan Bogar, Thayer Academy, Assumption College, DII

Niall Cremin, Lawrence Academy, University of Lowell, DI

Sam Heppenstall, Duxbury HS, University of Lowell, DI

Garrett Murphy, Billerica HS, University of Lowell, DI 

Liam Nestor, Phillips Andover, Tufts University, DIII

Mac Taupier, Avon Old Farms, Denison University, DIII

Grey Thomas, Cohasset HS, Middlebury College, DIII

Tucker Fulton, Cohasset HS, Kenyon College, DIII

Teddy Komjathy, Wellesley HS, Trinity College, DIII

Alex Hunt, Concord Carlisle HS, Bates College, DIII

Jack Gemski, Medfield HS, Endicott College, DIII

Zach Swanson, BC High, RPI,  DIII

Matt Cawley, Westwood HS, Endicott College, DIII

Nolan Houlihan, Billerica HS, Hofstra, DI

Nate Sidel, Lexington HS, Union College, DIII

Justin Greene, Milton Academy, Union College, DIII

Liam McCarthy, BC High, St Anslem College, DII

Garrett McKinnon, Scituate HS, Southern New Hampshire Univ., DII

Jack Gurney, Grafton HS, Connecticut College, DIII

Hunter Mulvey, St Mark's, Assumption College, DII

Charlie Harrington, Westwood HS, Colorado College, DIII

Owen Palmeri, Franklin HS, Bates College, DIII (Football)

Matt Rebuck, Milton Academy, Tufts University, DIII

Brendan Tighe, Lowell HS, University of New Hampshire, DI (Football) 

Aidan Carroll, BC High, Georgetown University, DI

Sam Joline, Medfield HS, Hartwick College, DIII

Michael Allieri, Middlesex School, Lafayette College, DI

Jake Sullivan, Cohasset HS, Connecticut College, DIII

Jack Greene, Cohasset HS, RPI, DIII

Ian Peck, Marshfield HS, Bryant University, DI

Charlie Ward, Winchester HS, University of Tampa, DI

Bode Weber, Vermont Academy, University of Mary Washington, DIII

Tommy Vaughn, Canton HS, Cabrini College, DII

Sam James, Amherst HS, UMass Boston, DIII

Seth Jenkins, Hopkinton HS, Springfield College, DIII

Gavin Youngclaus, Coyle Cassidy HS, Norwich University, DIII

Jack Hamilton, Falmouth HS, Springfield DIII

Derek Stout, Concord Carlisle, Ithaca DIII

Jack McCordic, Medfield HS, MIT DIII

Mikey Tyer, Medfield HS, USMC / Mass Maritime, DIII 

2019 Class

2019 Graduating Class (70)

Michael Swirbalus, St Sebastian's, Duke, DI

Conor Calderone, Smithtown West, University of Maryland, DI

Dylan Gardner, Xaverian Bros HS, University of Michigan, DI

Mac Fotiades, St Sebastian's, University of Michigan, DI

Michael Roche, St Johns Prep, University of Maryland, DI

Devon Varney, Roxbury Latin, University of Pennsylvania, DI

Mason Fitzgerald, Cohasset HS, Providence College, DI

Teddy Darcey, Wellesley HS, Penn State, DI

Cole Biggins, Duxbury HS, West Point, DI

Henry Rentz, Thayer Academy, United States Naval Academy, DI

Conor Zachar, Philips Andover Academy, Harvard University, DI

Will Frisoli, St Sebatian's, Duke, DI

Peter Davies, Taft School, University of Michigan, DI

Thomas McIntire, Tabor Academy, Holy Cross, DI

Collin Almeida, Falmouth HS, Penn State, DI

Jason Child, Needham HS, Boston University, DI

Peter Blake, St Sebastian's School, University of Pennsylvania, DI

Charlie Egan, Hingham HS, University of Vermont, DI

Nick Handy, LaSalle Academy, Sacred Heart, DI  

Cole McKenzie, Marshfield HS, University of Vermont, DI

Jake Athanas, Manchester Essex Regional HS, St Anselm College, DII

Hayden Bean, Winchester HS, Denison, DIII

Trevor Carroll, Xaverian Bros, Stevens Tech, DIII

Spencer Cassell, Hingham HS, Harvard University, DI (Football) 

Nolan Collins, BC High, Wesleyan University, DIII

Alexander DeRoeth, Tabor Academy, St Lawrence University, DIII

Andrew Fearey, Milton Academy, Trinity College, DIII

Matthew Freitas, Catholic Memorial, Williams College, DIII

Aidan Gallagher, Thayer Academy, Vasser College, DIII

Nick Handy, Lasalle, Academy, Sacred Heart University, DI

Cole Hartman, Hingham HS, Union College, DIII

Mikey Iafrato, Marshfield HS, Bard College, DIII

Sam Jean, Xaverian Brothers, Wesleyan University, DIII

Logan Jurnak, Bedford HS (NH), University of Wisconsin - Madison, MCLA

Patrick Keefe, St John's Prep, Norwich University, DIII

Jayce Lambert, Thayer Academy, Holy Cross, DI

Christopher Longo, Cohasset HS, Trinity College, DIII

Cooper Mehlhorn, University of Vermont, DI

David Olsen, Central Catholic HS, St Anselm, DII

Brodie Rayment, Belmont Hill, Amherst College, DIII

Matthew Rocha, Melrose HS, Colby College, DIII

Matthew Savage, Belmont Hill, Colby College, DIII

Ben Stone, Billerica HS, Southern New Hampshire, DII

Brendan Walsh, Needham HS, Trinity College, DIII

Zadoc White, Governor's Academy, St Lawrence, DIII

George Whitney IV, Tabor Academy, Ohio Wesleyan, DIII

Craig Yannone, St John's Prep, St Anselm, DII

Jared Heller, Brimmer and May School, Haverford College, DIII

Eugene Yoon, Philips Andover, Holy Cross, DI 

Patrick Von Dyke, Hill School (PA), Mass Maritime Academy, DIII

Konrad Knaus, Choate Rosemary Hall, Holy Cross, DI

Ben Gastonguay, Governor's Academy, Skidmore College, DIII

Drew Rowe, Scituate HS, Babson College, DIII

Ben Haring, Marshfield HS, Bridgton Academy, Prep

Ben Shachoy, Tabor Academy, Skidmore College, DIII

Eddie Fettuccia, Norwell HS, College of Wooster, DIII

Leo Allgaier, Duxbury HS, Kings Point, DIII

Cam Croce, Roxbury Latin, Colby College, DIII

Cam Keough, Roxbury Latin, Tufts University, DIII

Matt Rebuck, Milton Academy, Lafayatte University, DI

Christian Price, Boston College High, Babson College, DIII

Andrew Palleiko, Hopkington High, MIT, DIII

Stepan Kaprelian, St Sebatian's, Northeastern University, MCLA

Mason Colwell, Needham HS, Emmanuel College, DIII

Jackson Fitzgerald, Cohasset HS, Gettysburg College, DIII

Pete Conley, Foxboro HS, Hartwick College, DIII

TJ Swirbalus, Milton Academy,  Tulane University, MCLA 

Holden Keebaugh, Xaverian Brothers HS, Clemson University, Track and Field

Sean Speigel, Plymouth South HS, Michigan State, MCLA 

Jay Nolan, Thayer Academy, Miami University Ohio, MCLA 

2018 Class

2018 Graduating Class (67)

Will Bowen, BC High, North Carolina, DI

Brian Antonelli, Belmont Hill, Brown, DI

Colby Gendron, Philips Andover,  Brown, DI

Hayden Cheek, Noble and Greenough, Harvard, DI

Nick Loring, Noble and Greenough, Harvard, DI

Will Plansky, St Sebastian's, University of Maryland, DI

Peter Murphy, St Sebastian's, Holy Cross, DI

Duke Lenaghan, Thayer Academy, UMass, DI

Adam Towey, Moses Brown, UMass, DI

Mark D Synnott, Buckingham, Browne and Nichols School, Hobart, DI

Brendan Jordan, Governor's Academy, Colgate University, DI

Jake Calnan, Philips Exeter, Johns Hopkins, DI

Alex Gainey, St Sebastian's, Johns Hopkins, DI

Jayce Lambert, Thayer Academy, Holy Cross, DI

Tommy Joyce, BC High, Harvard, DI

Jake Antonucci, Westwood HS, Providence College, DI

Will Thomas, Cohasset HS, Providence College, DI

Cormac Zachar, Philips Andover Academy, Dartmouth, DI

Peter Rizzotti, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Dartmouth, DI

Frankie Higgins, Hingham HS, Bucknell University, DI

Matt DeSisto, St Sebastian's, Holy Cross, DI

Cam Martin, St Sebastian's, Providence College, DI

Drew Lee, Xaverian HS, Merrimack College, DII

Nate Dodge, Avon Old Farms, Colorado College, DIII

Will Sidari, Lincoln Sudbury, Colgate, DI

Jack Malkin, Moses Brown, Colorado College, DIII

Colin Orleman - Norwell HS, Assumption College, DII 

Sean Nizolek - Xaverian Brothers HS, University of Tampa, DI

Charlie Gans, Duxbury HS, Colorado College, DIII

Jake Quilty, Hingham HS, University of Vermont, DI

Ryan Cuozzo, BC High, Union, DIII

Connor Deehan, Westwood HS, Vassar, DIII

Ben Kacher - Concord Carlisle HS, Skidmore College, DIII

Kyle Mcfetridge - Cohasset HS, Middlebury, DIII

Sam Montgomery - Noble and Greenough, Middlebury, DIII

Patrick Mulhern, Pembroke HS, Franklin Pierce, DII

Matty Obrien, Rockland HS, Bentley, DII

Connor O'Rourke, Franklin HS, Colorado College, DIII

Peter Pickard, St Sebastian's, Connecticut College, DIII

Charlie Pyne, BC High, Bowdoin, DIII

George Rovegno, Duxbury HS, Washington & Lee, DIII

Thomas Schofield, Medfield HS, Bryant Univ, DI

Marshall Terres, Hingham HS, Colgate, DI

Ian Thompson, Thayer Academy, Dickinson College, DIII

Jack Sine, Governor's, Colby, DIII

Jackson Pimental, Philips Exeter School, Tufts Univ, DIII

Aidan O'Leary, Xaverian HS, Trinity, DIII

Ryan Hill, Hingham HS, Union, DIII

Ryan Donovan, Cohasset HS, Babson, DIII

Will Dixon, Noble and Greenough, Babson College, DIII

Michael Bomes, Denison College, DIII

Liam Burke, Central Catholic HS, St Anselm, DII

Eugene Yoon, Phillips Academy, Holy Cross, DI

Jack McNeil, Marshfield HS, Bryant University, DI (Football)

Andrew Antonucci, Philips Andover, Georgetown, DI

Nate Bosnian, Hingham HS, UC Boulder, MCLA

Devin Raun, Marlborough HS, Georgia Tech, MCLA

Craig Claflin, Catholic Memorial, Endicott College, DIII

Max Anders Djusberg, BC High, St Michael's, DII

Nolan Collins, Wakefield HS, Assumption College, DII 

Buford Reid, Middlesex School, University of Richmond, DI

Chase Riley, BC High, College of Charleston, MCLA

Domenic Caniglia, Hendricken HS, Quinnipiac University, DI

Jack Falvey, Hingham HS, University of New Hampshire, MCLA

Matty Obrien, Rockland HS, Bentley University, DII

Zander Keough, Roxbury Latin, Tufts University, DIII

Aidan Nagle, Duxbury HS, Loyola University Maryland, MCLA  

2017 Class

2017 Graduating Class (68)

Sean Sperzel, Xaverian Bros HS, Penn State, DI

Jack Frisoli, St Sebastian School, Harvard, DI 

Liam Lynch, Foxboro HS / Brewster Academy, Lehigh, DI

Mikey Connelly, St Sebastian's School, Dartmouth, DI

Dan Locke, Portsmouth Abbey School, Holy Cross, DI

Gavin Garrity - Rokus - Middlesex School, Georgetown, DI

Colin Droney, Catholic Memorial, University of Michigan, DI

Andrew Song, Roxbury Latin, Ivy League Commit

Owen Martinson, Milton Academy, Providence College, DI

Dan Ryan, Lincoln Sudbury, Hobart College, DI

Marc O'Rourke, Hingham HS, Bryant University, DI

Jack Cahill, Medfield HS, Holy Cross, DI

Dean Brooks, Billerica HS, UMass Amherst, DI

Gus Gobiel, Billerica HS, UMass Lowell, DI

Taggart Eymer, Groton School, Bryant University, DI

Parker Joyce, St Sebastian's, Dartmouth, DI

Gunnar McKenzie, Catholic Memorial, High Point University, DI

Tommy Hale, Deerfield Academy, Brown U, DI

Andrew Garfield, Medfield HS, Quinnipiac College, DI

Sam Eisenstadt, Needham HS, UMass, DI

Christian Oneill, Belmont Hill, Princeton (Hockey), DI

Davis Cronin, New Hampton School, Merrimack College, DII

Conor Sullivan, Xaverian Bros, Sacred Heart University, DI

Gavin Admirand, Marshfield HS, Wagner College, DI

Riley Bergstrom, Duxbury HS, Colby College, DIII

Grant Chryssicas, Wellesley HS, Amherst College, DIII

John Churchwell, ST John's Prep, Colorado College, DIII

Michael Duckworth, Bishop Hendrickson HS, Bard College, DIII

James Farren, Cohasset HS, Skidmore College, DIII

Andrew Fithian, Marshfield HS, Endicott College, DIII

Drew Kozub, St John's Shrewsbury, Trinity College, DIII

Nick LoConte, Duxbury HS, Denison University, DIII

Jack Platner, Franklin HS, Lynchburg College, DIII

Jack Ricciuti, Roxbury Latin, Trinity College, DIII

Tom Rockwell, Andover HS, LeMoyne College, DII

Colin Spinney, Foxboro HS, Connecticut College, DIII

Jack Waldman, Billerica HS, Keene State, DIII

William Schlager, Governors Academy, Hamden - Sydney College, DIII

Jack Hennessey, Hingham HS, St Lawrence University, DIII

Jack - Henry Vara, Medfield HS/ Choate, Princeton, DI

Ben Handy, Milton Academy, Kenyon College, DIII

Corbin White, Melrose HS, Keene State, DIII

Thomas Lynch, Moses Brown, Colorado College, DIII

Ryan Donlan, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Bowdoin, DIII

Liam Fitzgerald, The Hun School of Princeton NJ, Trinity College, DIII

Trey Guerrini, Foxboro HS, Mass Maritime Academy, DIII

David Theodore, Scituate HS, Endicott College, DIII

Nick Colstad, Governors Academy, Bentley University, DII

Matthew Connolly, Governors Academy, Franklin & Marshall, DIII

Eric McLaughlin, Westford Academy, Ohio Wesleyan University, DIII

Henry Weld, Simsbury CT. HS, Roger Williams, DIII

Jack Snow, Duxbury HS / Hotchkiss School, Kenyon College, DIII

Max Bellomy, Hingham HS, RPI, DIII

Pat Bulger, Boston College HS, Georgetown, DI

Jared Grier, Xaverian Brothers, Roger Williams University, DIII

Thaddeus Kennedy, St Sebastian's, Harvard, DI

Patrick Reed, St Sebastian's, Villanova, DI (Football)

Bobby Maimaron, Duxbury HS, Williams College, DIII (Football and Lacrosse) 

Ben Bunnell, Watertown HS, UMass Dartmouth, DIII

James Kowilcik, BC High, Wake Forest, (Club)

Ryan Kowilcik, BC High, Wake Forest, (Club)

Joe Collette, Whitman Hanson HS, Ohio Northern College, DIII

Austin Kent, Bridgton Academy, Bryant University, DI

James Sanderson, Middlesex School, Hamilton College, DIII

Peter Ahonen, Brooks School, Fairfield University, DI

Ismael Cisse, Concord Carlisle HS, Nazareth College, DIII

Sam Alofsin, Moses Brown School, Fairfield University, DI

Vincenzo Kultrides, Cohasset HS, Nichols College, DIII 

2016 Class

2016 Graduating Class (66)

Jack Lyne, Middlesex School, Johns Hopkins, DI

Shane Sullivan, Duxbury HS, IMG Academy, (PG Year)

Alexander Marshall, Andover HS, Umass, DI (Football)

George Loring, Noble and Greenough, Harvard, DI

Matt Davies, Taft School, University of Richmond, DI

Luke Pascucci, Needham HS, Princeton, DI

Philip Goss, Deerfield, Brown, DI

Jeff Trainor, Billerica HS, UMass, DI

Connor McCarthy, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Princeton, DI

John MacLean, Medfield HS, Boston University, DI

Tyler Canto, Billerica HS, University of Massachusetts Lowell, DI

Danny Axelson, Cohasset HS, Providence College, DI

Eric Holden, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Hobart College, DI

Jake Brodie, Hingham HS, Air Force Academy, DI

Connor Waldron, Berkshire School, Holy Cross, DI

Drew Laundry, Billerica HS, Towson University, DI

Stephen Megnia, Barnstable HS, Umass, DI

Max Fitzgerald, Cohasset HS, Christopher Newport University, DIII

Sam Murphy, Thayer Academy, Fairfield University, DI

Harlan Smart, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Dartmouth, DI

Phillip Thompson, Harvard West Lake School, CA, Princeton, DI

Frankie Cosolito, Catholic Memorial, Middlebury, DIII (Hockey and Football)

Jonathan Tesoro, St George's School, Holy Cross, DI

Eoin Hurley, Catholic Memorial, Hobart College, DI

Watson Cheek, Noble and Greenough, Harvard, DI

Kevin McCordic, Medfield HS, Providence College, DI

Griffin Gustafsson, Belmont Hill, Wesleyan University, DIII

Brady Burke, Duxbury HS, Trinity College, DIII

AJ Kucinski, BC High, Middlebury College, DIII

Patrick McCarthy, Foxboro HS, Mount St Mary, DI

Curt Bletzer, Catholic Memorial HS, Boston College, DI (Football)

Matt Treiber, Medfield HS, Tufts University, DIII

Caleb Geitz, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Bowdoin College, DIII

Sam Knollmeyer, Thayer Academy, Hamilton College, DIII

Max Glattstein, Milton Academy, Lynchburg College, DIII

Rush Hogan, Milton Academy, Kenyon College, DIII

Jake Crossman, Marshfield HS, Bowdoin College, DIII

Nick Allsop, Xaverian Brothers HS, Brown University, DI (Football)

John Hargreaves, Dover Sherborn HS, Mount St Mary's College, DI

James Rovegno, Duxbury HS, Babson College, DIII

Mark Tocchio, Hingham HS, Catholic University, DIII

Owen Allen, St Mark's School, Babson College, DIII

Tommy Jacobson, Brewster Academy, Ohio Wesleyan University, DIII

Brian Buckner, Foxboro HS, Colorado Mesa University, DII

Oskar Djusberg, BC High, Western New England College, DIII

Parker Kent, Roxbury Latin, Lehigh, DI

Shane Weber, Hull HS, Alfred University, DIII

JJ Tinney, Natick HS, Keene State, DIII

Mike Martens, Algonquin Regional HS, UMass, DI

Mike MacIntire, St Sebatian's, Holy Cross, DI

Jack Ward, Duxbury HS, Dickinson College, DIII

Nigel Reiff, Medfield HS, Bentley University, DII

Ryan Godfrey, Governor's Academy, Babson College, DIII

Garrett Hansen, Moses Brown, Trinity College, DIII

Matt Parker, Moses Brown, Dartmouth College, DI

Luke Bernasconi, Hanover HS, Roger Williams, DIII

Jack Donohue, Cohasset HS, Tufts University, DIII (Football)

Patrick Lawler, Thayer Academy, Villanova University, DI (Football)

James Righini, Arch Bishop Williams, St Anselm College, DII

Matt Lanigan, Oratory Prep NJ, Holy Cross, DI

Harrison Piper, Duxbury HS, Cushing Academy (PG Year)

Tim Giuggio, Kent School, Rollings College, DII

Peter Thorbahn, Xaverian Bros, Bentley University, DII (Football)

Gavin Kennedy, Deerfield, Georgetown University, DI

Mike Phelan, Dover Sherborn, Providence College, DI




2015 Class


2015 Graduating Class (68)

Colby Hall, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Denver, DI

Cam Hyde, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Johns Hopkins, DI

Will D'Orsi, St. Sebastian's, Ivy League Commit (Hockey) DI

Harrison Lane, Deerfield, Ivy League Commit, DI

Teddy Bettencourt, Governor's, Michigan, DI

Vaughn Gendron, St Sebastian's, Ivy League Commit, DI

Tim Gillis, Cohasset HS, Fairfield, DI

Tyler Bogart, Catholic Memorial, UMass, DI

Mickey Fitzpatrick, Trinity Pawling HS, Lehigh, DI

Matt Sharpe, Duxbury HS, Fairfield, DI

Matt Dziama, Wellesley HS, Virginia, DI

Eamon Hunter, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Boston University, DI

Charlie Durbin, Belmont Hill, Ivy League Commit, DI

Jack Corbett, Hotchkiss School, Ivy League Commit, DI

Alex Santangelo, Belmont Hill, Ivy League Commit, DI

Will Blumenberg, Concord Carlisle HS, Colgate University, DI

Noah Seely, Governor's, United States Naval Academy, DI

Cole Kissick, Cohasset HS, University of Richmond, DI

Liam Stauss, Duxbury HS, Ivy League Commit, DI

Teddy Strzetelski, Noble and Greenough, Ivy League Commit, DI

Hunter Marston, Duxbury HS, Ohio State Univerity, DI

Grantland Nichols, Thayer Academy, Denison, DIII

Scott Miller, Governors Academy, Colby College, DIII

James DeSisto, St Sebastian School, Bowdoin College, DIII

Jack Wolff, Tabor Academy, Amherst College, DIII

Riley Van Den Broek, Rye Country Day, Williams College, DIII

Matt Oneil, Belmont Hill, Middlebury College, DIII

Cole Handy, Duxbury HS, Washington College, DIII

Stefan Zandbergs, Winchester HS, University of Hartford, DI 

Mike Panepinto, Needham HS, Philips Exeter, Ivy League Commit, DI

Greg Barletta, St Sebastian's School, Trinity College, DIII

Eric Megnia, Kimball Union, Skidmore College, DIII

Ben Mac Shane, Hotchkiss School, Trinity College, DIII

Connor Hayden, Thayer Academy, Denison University, DIII

Trevor Scollins, Marshfield HS, Penn State, DI

Sam Carlin, Middlesex School, Bowdoin, DIII

Cliff Kurker, Needham HS, University of Lowell, DI

Alex Towey, Moses Brown, Ohio Wesleyan University, DIII

Henry Russell, Moses Brown, Wheaton College, DIII

David Jennings, Wellesley HS, St Lawrence University, DIII

Evan Burns, Duxbury HS, Vassar College, DIII

Parker Jean, ST John's HS, RPI, DIII

Tim Rahill, Wellesley HS, Skidmore College, DIII

Will Noel, St Lawrence, The College of Wooster, DIII

Will Murphy, Medfield HS, Skidmore College, DIII

Colby Farnham, Moses Brown, Skidmore College, DIII

Ryan McNabb, Westford Academy, Roger Williams University, DIII

Brendan Duffy, Duxbury HS, Babson College, DIII

Grant Garrity, Duxbury HS, Endicott College, DIII

David Marshall, Tabor Academy, Ivy League, DI

Thomas Middleton, Hingham HS, Merrimack, DII

Peter Scotten, St Sebastian's, Vassar College, DIII

Connor O'Brien, Duxbury HS, Hartwick College, DI

Logan Wise, Southern New Hampshire University, DII

Bo Delaney, Barnstable HS, Lynchburg College, DIII

Mike Sullivan, Franklin HS, Siena, DI

Conor Caffrey, Brewster Academy, Ohio Wesleyan University, DIII

Patrick McPartlin, Arch Bishop Williams, VMI, DI

Tyson Reed, St Sebastian's, UPenn, DI

Alexander Igliozzi, Moses Brown, Wake Forest, DIII

Winston Smith, Phillips Exeter Academy, Georgetown, DI

Matt Daniels, St Sebastians, Middlebury College, DIII (Football and Lax)

Jake O'Riordon, Marshfield HS, Mass Maritime Academy, DIII

Matt Kellem, Hingham HS / Bridgton Academy, Rhodes College, DIII

Patrick Campbell, Duxbury HS, Clarke University, DIII

Martin Buckley, Roxbury Latin, University of Notre Dame (NROTC)

Chris Armstrong, Duxbury HS, Bentley College, DII

Shawn Errasti, Duxbury HS, Roger Williams, DIII



2014 Class


2014 Graduating Class (64)

Scott Frankenthaler, Roxbury Latin, Johns Hopkins, DI

Caleb Brodie, Hingham HS, Maryland, DI

John Sexton, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Notre Dame, DI

Nick Brozowski, Concord Carlisle HS, Maryland, DI

Shane Rinkus, Dexter Academy, UMass, DI

Henry Narlee, Avon Old Farms/Duxburuy HS, Boston University, DI

Peter Lindley, Darien HS, UMass, DI

Nick Marrocco, Duxbury HS, Georgetown, DI

Jon Barry, Thayer Academy, Northeaster College, DI (Hockey)

Tyler Blaisdell, Thayer Academy, Princeton, DI

Morgan Cheek, Nobles and Greenough, Harvard, DI 

Will Locke, Portsmouth Abbey, Hobart, DI  

Drew Dowling, Duxbury HS, Drexel, DI

Anthony Wyse, Newton North HS, Dartmouth, DI (Hockey)

Tommy Connelly, Brooks School, Boston University, DI

Austin Miller, Moses Brown RI, Holy Cross, DI

Kevin Bletzer, Catholic Memorial, Boston College, DI (Football)

Harry Giarrusso, Thayer Academy, Middlebury, DIII

Jack Cahill, Milton Academy, Amherst College, DIII

Greg Roder, Lincoln Sudbury, Amherst College, DIII

Geoffrey Fulgione, Brooks School, Gettysburg College, DIII

Trevor Obrien, Duxbury HS, University of Hartford, DI,

Jackson Ullrich, Hingham HS, University of Pennsylvania, DI

Robert Trieber, Medfield HS, Tufts University, DIII

Patrick Cronin, BC High, Tufts University, DIII

Shawn Daly, Marshfield HS, Bowdoin College, DIII

Matt Barker, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Trinity College, DIII

Joe Kearney, St Sebastian's, Harvard, DI

John Walsh, Needham HS, Trinity College, DIII

John Caraviello, Wellesley High, Trinity College, DIII

Jake Hogan, Westwood HS, Rollins College, DII

CJ Santora, New Hampton School, Lynchburg College, DIII

Matt Giarrusso, Hingham HS, Union College, DIII

Peter Riccuiti, Norwell HS, St Anslem College, DII

Mike Wood, Algonquin HS, Western New England College, DIII

Reid Leveillee, Longmeadow HS, Connecticut College, DIII

Jordan Dow, Northfield Mount Hermon/Lincoln Sudbury HS, St Lawrence, DIII

Brendan Burke, Duxbury HS, Hamilton College, DIII

Connor Craven, St Sebastian's School, Hamilton College, DIII

Stephen Righini, Arch Bishop Williams, Southern New Hampshire, DII

Jack McElgunn, Cohasset HS, Skidmore College, DIII

Paul Beling, Holliston HS, Keene State, DIII

Zack Obrien, Catholic Memorial HS, Mass Maritime Academy, DIII

Conor Strahan, St Sebastian's, Boston College (Football) D1

John O'Leary, St Sebastian's, Harvard, DI

Connor Eschmann, Bridgton Academy / King Philip HS, Springfield College, DIII

Matt Arnold, Cohasset HS, St Michael's College, DII

Michael Howe, Middlesex School, Vanderbilt University (MCLA)

Chase Hyde, Dover Sherborn HS, Trinity College, DIII

Matt Kellem, Hingham HS, Bridgton Academy, PG Year

Jack Curry, Holliston HS, Skidmore College, DIII

Connor Hooper, Braintree HS, Assumption College, DII

Stefan Zandberg, Winchester HS, Bridgeton Academy, PG Year

Patrick Ward, Canton HS, Assumption College, DII

Tim Colletta, Marshfield HS, Bentley College, DII

Matt Cahill, Medfield HS, Boston College, MCLA

Ryan Melia, Boston College HS, Boston College, MCLA

James Higgins, Duxbury HS, Wheaton College, DIII

Shayne O'Brien, Duxbury HS, Lyncburg College, DIII

Colin Whelan, Cohasset HS, Colgate University, DI

Kyle Ellis, Toll Gate Academy, Drexel University, DI

Max Montgomery, Nobles and Greenough, Vanderbilt University, MCLA

Michael Howe, Middlesex School, Vanderbilt University, MCLA

Nick Menzel, Arch Bishop Williams HS, Tufts University, DIII




2013 Class


2013 Graduating Class (63)

Adam Hardej, Groton School, Princeton, DI

Ian Yanulis, BC High HS, Duke, DI

Pat Healy, St Sebastian's, Notre Dame, DI

Dalton MacAfee, St Sebastian's, BU, DI (Hockey)

Nico Panepinto, Needham HS, Fairfield, DI

CJ LoConte, Duxbury HS, West Point, DI

Adam Philie, Deerfield Academy, Dartmouth, DI

Jay Walsh, Duxbury HS, Fairfield , DI

DJ Smith, Billerica HS, UMass , DI

AJ Lucchese, Middlesex HS, Brown, DI

Billy Breen, BC HS, Albany, DI

Tyler Weeks, Andover HS, UMass, DI

Henry Guild, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Yale, DI

Karl Weller Jr, Avon Old Farms, University of Vermont, DI

Dan Delaney, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Fairfield University, DI

Liam Driscoll, Xaverian HS, Holy Cross, DI

Robbie Pisano, Needham HS, Marquette, DI

Ben Becker, Moses Brown (RI), Sacred Heart, DI

Tucker Ciessau, Scituate HS, Bellarmine, DI

Quincy Nichols, Thayer Academy, Middlebury, DIII

Sam Chen, Lincoln Sudbury, Amherst College, DIII

George Ward, Duxbury, Amherst College, DIII

Matt Hall, Lincoln Sudbury HS, RPI, DIII

Justin Walligory, Tabor Academy, Colby, DIII

JP Miller, Belmont Hill, Middlebury, DIII

Chris Giorgio, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Fairfield, DI 

Chris Dowd, Hotchkiss School, Tufts, DIII

Bobby O'Brien, Duxbury HS, Merrimack, DII

Andrew Melvin, Medfield HS, Bates, DIII

Brendan Altieri, Norwood HS, Skidmore, DIII

Brendan "Heat" Fitzgerald, Duxbury HS, Beloit College, DIII

Conor Hilton, St Sebastian's, Providence, DI

Jon Gomer, Brewster Academy / Duxbury HS, Sacred Heart Univ., DI

Jaime McCahan, Moses Brown (RI), Denison Univ., DIII

Brian Priem, Wilmington HS, RPI, DIII

Michael Froman, Bourne HS, Union College, DIII

Nate Smith - Ide, Hill School, PA., Middlebury, DIII

Jackson Cabot, Nobles, University of Richmond, DI

Brooks Thomson, Thayer Academy, Lynchburg, DIII

Ryan Goodall, Dover Sherborn HS, Colorado College, DIII

John Higgins, Duxbury, Babson College, DIII

Brian O'Malley, St Sebastian's, Amherst, DIII

Ben Persiak, St Sebastian’s, RPI, DIII

Harrison Walsh, Xaverian HS, RPI, DIII

Keison Cunningham, Weymouth HS, Mass Maritime Academy, DIII

Henry Bell, Nobles, Providence College, DI

Matt Pratt, Tabor Academy, Susquehanna, DIII

Tom Dion, Xaverian HS, Emmanuel, DIII

Matt Bomes, Wellesley HS, Quinnipiac, DI

Russell Mallett, Dover Sherborn HS, Lehigh (Club Lax and Club Hockey)

William Morrison, Salisbury School, Wheaton College, DIII

Kevin Lynch, Milton Academy, Claremount McKenna College, Club Lax

Alex Pacitti, Foxboro HS, St Anselm College, DIII

Dave Mavillia, Scituate HS, Salve Regina, DIII (Football)

William Weld, Duxbury HS, Bentley College, DII

Shawn Tierney, Norwell HS, Ohio Weselyan University, DIII

Quinn McKeown, Tabor Academy, Wittenberg University, DIII

Jack Sullivan, Duxbury HS, Rutgers University, DI

Ben Cox, Medfield HS, University of Vermont, DI

Jack McClellan, Bridgeton Academy/Xaverian HS, St Johns University, DI

Addison Alder, Barnstable HS, Arizona State, MCLA

David Freitas, Hingham HS, University of Alabama, MCLA

Ned Connolly, Needham HS, Tufts University, DIII


2012 Class


2012 Graduating Class (60)

Seamus Connelly, Duxbury High, Duke, DI

Joey Kruy, Andover Academy, Duke, DI

Matt O'Keefe, Duxbury High, Johns Hopkins, DI

James Burke, Duxbury High, Penn State, DI

Max Randall, Duxbury High, Dartmouth, DI

Reilly Naton, Duxbury High, Yale, DI

Jack Connolly, St Sebastian's, Dartmouth, DI

Paul Hellar, Duxbury High, Fairfield, DI

Conor Darcey, Wellesely High, Penn State, DI

Cabot Noyce, Xaverian Bros/ Norwell HS, Merceyhurst JC, NJCCA

Kurt Hunziker, Masconomet Regional HS, UMass, DI

Jay McDermott, Duxbury High, Syracuse, DI

Henry West, Darien HS (CT), Cornell, DI

Danny Czerkawski, Landmark HS, High Point Univ. DI

Henry Buonagurio, Duxbury HS, Drexel Univ. DI

Paul Tocci, Lincoln Sudbury HS, West Point, DI

Keegan Hayes, BC High HS, UMASS, DI

Andrew Buron, Duxbury High, Stony Brook, DI

Stephen Brown, St Sebastian's, Middlebury, DIII 

Kevin Blair, Hingham High, Providence, DI 

Kane Haffey, Duxbury High, Amherst, DIII

Tim Giarrusso, Thayer Academy, Middlebury, DIII

Oliver Saffery, Wellesley High, Gettysburg, DIII

Ryan Cassidy, Wellesley High, Amherst, DIII

Kenny Jacobson, Duxbury High, Colby, DIII

Bryson Gilbert - Bono, Middlesex School, Williams, DIII

Peter Crane, Wellesley High, Williams, DIII

Conor Roddy, Medfield High, Williams, DIII

Blayne Taylor, Mansfield High, UMass, DI

Niall Devaney, ST George's/Canterbury School, Wesleyan, DIII

Cam Slatton, Billerica High, Union College, DIII

Clay Richards, Medfield High, Trinity College, DIII

Jonathan Barton, BC High, Merrimack College, DII

Dan Shaughnessy, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Stony Brook Univ., DI

Jack Burke, Avon Old Farms, Washington College., DIII

Cam Mullins, Duxbury HS, St Lawrence Univ., DIII

Dan Elfman, Wellesley HS, Division III Commit

Cam Joyce, ArchBishop Williams HS, Southern NH Univ., DII

Sam Washburne, St Sebastian's, Hobart College., DI

Jason Lee, Brookline HS, Assumption College, DII

Billy Polk, Dover Sherborn HS, Colby, DIII

Walter Hunnewell, Groton School, Trinity, DIII

Charlie Neaves, Cohasset HS, Colorado College, DIII

Chris Diana, Medfield HS, St Lawrence Univ, DIII

MJ Keady, Avon Old Farms, Hobart, DI

Brendan Treanor, Belmont Hill, Tufts Univ., DIII

Jarrod Dillon, St Sebastian's, Bentley Univ., DII

Adam Fitzgerald, Duxbury HS, Bowdoin, DIII

Sam Hodgson, St Sebastian's HS, Bowdoin, DIII

Kyle Livingston, Cohasset HS, UMass, DI

Nate Vasquez, Haverhill HS, Le Moyne, DII

Patrick Wallace, St Seb/Avon Old Farms, Univ Of Richmond, MCLA

Shane Healy, Scituate HS, Bellarmine Univ, DI

Wes Lane, Georgetown Prep, Babson Coll, DIII

Will Siefert, Duxbury HS, Roger Williams, DIII

Caleb Blackmur, Xaverian HS/ Tabor Academy, Susquehanna Univ, DIII

Noah Ellis, Hingham HS, Onondaga Community College, NJCAA

Reed Spencer, Lincoln Sudbury HS, Boston College, MCLA

Tim Hanlon, Algonquin HS, Endicott, DIII

Aidan Balboni, Winchester, Boston College, MCLA

2011 Class


2011 Graduating Seniors (23)

Jay Lenaghan, Thayer Academy, Quinnipiac, DI

Kevin Curry, Holliston High, Amherst, DIII

Garrett Read, Medfield High, Tufts, DIII

Sam Aronson, Medfield High, Tufts, DIII

Christopher Fotta, Xaverian Bros High, Endicott, DIII

Neil Buckley, BC High, Hamilton, DIII

Kyle Foster, Medfield High, Avon Old Farms, Salisbury St., DIII

Todd Galvin, BC High, Lynchburg College, DIII

Luke Ernst, Thayer Academy, Lynchburg College, DIII

Jake Kissick, Cohasset High, Siena, DI

Peter Gill, Medfield High, Tufts, DIII

Christian Durham, Catholic Memorial, St Mary's College of Maryland, DI

Sam Lawrence, Wellesely High, Lehigh, DI

Charlie Jennings, Wellesley High, St Lawrence Univ. DIII

Nick Farmer, Medfield High, Muhlenberg, DIII

Stephen Krall, Duxbury High, Providence, DI

Payden Pierce, Worthington Kilbourne, OH. Jacksonville, DI

Chad Goldfarb, Thayer Academy, Sewanee Univ, DIII

Wes Hawkins, Scituate HS, Plymouth State, DIII

Zack Lafavre, Weymouth HS, Catawba College, DII

Edwin Foster, Avon Old Farms/Medfield HS, Ohio Wesleyan, D3

Jake Norris, Marshfield HS, Endicott College, DIII

Joel Berger, Yarmouth HS, ME., Emmanuel College, DIII

2010 Class


2010 Graduating Seniors (28)

Jon Bryant, Wayland, Trinity, DIII

Dean Driscoll, Cohasset, Quinnipiac University, DI

Will Wise, Cohasset, Bowdoin, DIII

James Wyse, St Sebastian's, Colby, DIII

Sean Lawton, Abington, WNEC, DIII

James Finn, Quincy High, Aurora University, DIII

Trevor Scott, Weymouth, WNEC, DIII

Ian Quinlan, Cohasset, Connecticut College, DIII

Bobby MacCune, Thayer Academy, Babson College, DIII

Matt Palubicki, Scituate, Assumption, DII

Jack Murphy, Cohasset, Fairfield, DI

Geordie Carrick, Rivers, Fairfield Univ., DI (EMass 2006-2008 Seasons)

Peter Burke, St Sebastians, Bucknell, DI (Emass Summer 2008)

Tucker Bradley, Hingham, Hartwick, DIII

Mike Carter, Thayer Academy, Bentley, DII

Paul Donovan, Norwell, Bates, DIII (EMass 2006 - 2008 Seasons)

Tommy Dwyer, Norwell, Trinity, DIII (EMass 2006 - 2008 Seasons)

Kevin Butler, Catholic Memorial, Lynchburg, DIII

Mike Fanning, Norwell, Eastern Connecticut, DIII (EMass 2006 - 2008)

Chris Brown, Arch Bishop Williams, Eastern Connecticut, DIII (EMass 2006 - 2008)

Chris Benoit, Hingham, Southern New Hampshire University, DII

Joe Herbert, Thayer Academy, Bentley, DII

Ryan Tierney, Norwell, Lynchburg College, DIII

Mike Hicks, BC High, Rensselaer Polytech Institute, DIII

Will Darcey, Wellesley, University Miami Ohio, Club

Jesse O'Neil, Boston Latin, Wheaton College, DIII

Thomas Pecca, BC High, University Miami Ohio, Club

Andrew Sypek, Hingham High, Providence College, DI

2009 Class


2009 Graduating Seniors (17)

Tim Galvin, BC High (Academic All American 09', Boston College, Club

Frank Nemia, BC High, Boston College, Club

Sam Witham, Cape Cod Academy, Washington College, DIII

Gavin Hopewood, Falmouth Academy, College of Wooster, DIII

Sam Butts, BC High, Providence College, DI

Trevor Sheehan, BC High, Umass Dartmouth, DIII

Johnny Repucci, Catholic Memorial, St Leo University, DII

Zak Triner, Marshfield HS, Sacred Heart University, DI (Emass 2008/2009 Season)

Kevin Lydon, Braintree HS, Dean College, DIII

Pat Coskren. Norwood HS, Merrimack College, DII

Zack McCaul, Quincy HS, Umass Boston, DIII

Kevin Blackmur, Xaverian, Lynchburg, DIII

Vin Curran, Cohasset, Lynchburg, DIII

James Fennessey, Milton HS, Coast Guard Academy, DIII

Anthony Centeio, Marshfield HS, Quinnipiac University, DI (Emass 2008/2009 season)

David Rinaldi, BC High, 

Pat Mahoney, Scituate/Bridgton Academy, Southern New Hampshire, DII

2008 Class


2008 Graduating Seniors (27)

Andrew Brown, Marshfield, Southern New Hampshire University, DII

Dom D'Allassandro, Weymouth, Southern New Hampshire University, DII

Ryan Barney, Weymouth, Southern New Hampshire University, DII

Mike Balaschi, BC High, Southern New Hampshire University, DII

Brian Magner, Thayer Academy, Babson, DIII

Jeff MacCune, Thayer Academy, Babson, DIII

Matt Bak, Marshfield, Bridgton Academy, PG Year

Chris Walker, Marshfield, Wagner, DI

Ben Stephens, Needham, Dickinson, DIII

Conor Keefe, Weymouth/Bridgton Academy, Providence, DI

Brian Josephine, Archbishop Williams, Umass Dartmouth, DIII

Dan Higgins, Milton, Hamilton, DIII

DJ O'Brien, Rockland, Arch Bishop Williams, AIC, DII

Chuck Dowd, Abington, Catholic Memorial, Univ of New England, DIII

Martin Bowes, Quincy, Univ Hartford, DI


Addiional 2008 graduates who proudly represented Emass JRM in the 2007/2008 season


Scott Austin, Duxbury, Cornell, DI (U19 German National Game)

Grant Marston, Duxbury, Quinnipiac, DI (U19 German Nationl Game)

Mark Flibotte, Cohasset, Bowdoin, DIII (U19 German National Game)

Charlie Czarkawski, Cohasset, Connecticut College, DIII (U19 German National Game)

Mike Grimm, Cohasset, Leihigh, DI (U19 German National Game, IAS Fall Showcase)

Ryan Woodford, Scituate, Bryant, DII, (U19 German National Game, Umass Fall Recruiting Tournament)

Mike Donoghue, Barnstable, Springfield, DIII, (U19 German National Game)

Austin Driscoll, Hingham, Dickinson, DIII (U19 German National Game)

Max Vaikas, Hingham, Hamilton, DIII, (U19 German National Game)

Graham George, Hingham, Kenyon, DIII, (IAS Fall Showcase, Umass Fall Recruiting Tournament)

Peter Jennings, Wellesley, Middlebury DIII, (U19 German National Game)

Tyler Sabens, Falmouth, Manhattan, DI (U19 German Natonal Game)

2007 Class


2007 Graduating Seniors (6)

Steve Lydon, Braintree, Providence College, D1

Rob Ryan, Milton, Catholic, DIII

Brian Pineau, Duxbury/BC High, Bentley, DII

Marty Touhy, Weymouth, Catawba, DII

Justin Mambro, BC High, Saint Anslem, DIII

Brian Galvin, BC High, Bentley, DII