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Laxachusetts Youth Teams At the Long Island Lax Clash

By Staff, 07/26/14, 10:30PM EDT


Recap of our Laxachusetts Youth Teams at the LI Lax Clash Invitational

LI Lax Clash Recap


Laxachusetts Players and Parents,

The LI Lax Clash was a great event with some of the top programs in the country attending. With programs such as (Of course Laxachusetts) LI Express, 91 Lacrosse, Dukes Lacrosse, Eclipse Lacrosse, NE Storm  and West Coast Starz National Teams, we knew it would be a great challenge for our players and teams. As we always say, if you want to be the best, you need to play the best !  With our program foundation focusing on skill development and building lax IQ, this is why we are considered one of the top programs in the Nation and can compete with these clubs. 


The youngest division of the tournament was a mixed division with 3rd grade teams and also 4th grade teams. We decided as a staff that we would mix our 3rd and 4th grade teams even weighted so it would be a better experience for our players. 


2023/2022 Green Team

Tough start on Saturday but when you are facing LI Express and 91 lacrosse teams, it is always going to be a battle. With the LIE and Team 91 players playing year round and no longer playing for their town teams, our younger teams are always a little behind. The boys worked hard and battled and turned things around on Sunday with a 2-0 record. 

Overall record 2-3. Finished in 6th place. 


2023/2022 White Team

On Saturday, both losses came to a LIE 2022 team and a Team 91 2022 team. Team had a strong win over a LI express 2023 team. Sunday was another solid day with a 1-1 record and finishing strong.

Overall record 2-3. Finished in 5th place. 


2023/2022 Yellow Team 

A very impressive come from behind win against the LI Express 2023 team to start the day created quite a buzz with this group. They finished the day at 2-1 which got them into theSemi Finals and lost a tough game vs 91 Lacrosse 2022 on Sunday. Finished in 4th place.

Overall record 2-3


2021 Green Team 

The team started the day with a strong win over Eclipse from CT. and then had a tie with a great Leading Edge NJ team. Had a great day on Sunday with a win over Leading Edge in the Semi Finals and lost in the Championship to Team 91. Finished the tourney in 2nd place. 

Overall record 2-2-1


2021 White Team 

Team lost a close game 7-5 to Eclipse Lunar Ct team to start the day and then went against Team 91 for a loss. Finished off the day with a win over Eclipse Solar Ct to end Saturday with a 1-2 record. With a tough bracket and only 1 team going undefeated, our White team also made it to the Semi Finals and lost to Team 91 Orange. Final game of the day was a victory over Team 91 White. Finishing the tourney in 3rd place. 

Overall record 2-3 


2021 Black Team 

The team opened up against a very tough LI Express Barracuda team and earned a hard fought victory 9-8. Next up was the LI Express Wolverine team and this time LIE got the best of us. Last game of the day was against the West Coast Starz National Team and the West Coast team got the better of us. Sunday we were matched up again against the WCS National team and although the outcome was the same with WCS getting the W, much better performance by our team. We finished very strong with a big win over Eclipse CT. Black finished the tourney in 4th place with that victory over Eclipse. 

Overall record 2-3 


2020 Green Team

Strong performance by the Green team going 3-0 on Saturday with victories over Tri State NJ, Ct Bulldogs, and Team 91. Sunday was much of the same with a great win over LIE to start and the only loss coming to the Laxachusetts White team in the Semi Finals. Green team finished in 3rd place. 

Overall record 4-1 


2020 White Team

Much like the Green team, strong dominating performance on Saturday with wins over Eclipse Ct, Team 91 and Tri State NJ. White team could not be stopped and finished off the weekend going undefeated and taking home the Championship and finishing in First place. 

Overall record 5-0 


2020 Black Team

The team had a hard time finding the back of the cage on Saturday. Had close game against a great Leading Edge NJ team and played a tough West Coast Starz National team and Team 91 team. Very proud how the team responded on Sunday shaking off a couple of close losses to some great programs and finished Sunday going 2-0 making plays and finishing around the cage. (Also important to note the 1 goal loss to Leading Edge on Saturday, Leading Edge went undefeated to win the Division). Finished tourney in 5th place. 

Overall record 2-3 


2019 Green Team

Great day for the team going 3-0 on Saturday with W's over LI Express NYC, LIE Terps, and Tri State NJ. Sunday was more of the same with the good guys getting another win over LI Express and sharing the Championship with the 2019 White team. Finished the tourney as Co Champs with 2019 Laxachusetts White. 

Overall record 4-0 


2019 White Team

Just like the Green team, The White team made short work of its opponents on Saturday going 2-0-1 against LI Express NYC and Tri State NJ and ending in a tie game with LI Express Terps. On Sunday in the Semi Finals matched up against the Terps once again and came out with the win to share the Championship with the 2019 Laxachusetts Green team.Finished the tourney as Co Champs with  2019 Laxachusetts Green.

Overall record 4-0


2019 Black Team

The 19's were having a heck of a tourney with all the teams going undefeated on Saturday and the 19 Black team went 3-0 with wins over Ct Bulldogs, Tri State Black, and Leading Edge NJ. In the Semi Finals we faced the LI Express and the boys continued to execute to get to the Championship game vs the Dukes. Dukes got the win against us in a hard fought battle 7-5. Our team finished the tourney in 2nd place. 

Overall record 4-1 


2018 Green Team

Well, it seems the 18 teams did not want to get shown up by the 17's. The 2018 Green team went 3-0 on Saturday with victories over Eclipse Ct, Team 91 White and LI Express Piranha. On Sunday going against LIE Terps, the outcome was the same with Laxachusetts getting the W in the Semi Finals and sharing the Championship with Laxachusetts White Team. Finished the tourney as Co - Champs with Laxachusetts 2018 White. 

Overall record 4-0 


2018 White Team 

Another banner day for the 18's as the White team went 3-0 with wins over Ct Bulldogs, LIE Wolverines, and Eclipse CT. Sunday in the semi finals was a rematch with the Eclipse Ct program and once again our boys took care of business and made it to the Championship where we shared the Title with Laxachusetts 2018 Green. Finished the tourney as Co Champs with the Laxachusetts Green Team. 

Overall record 4-0


2018 Black Team

Great start for the team on Saturday with dominating performances over Eclipse Ct, NE Storm and 3d Canada. I told the team the only reason I wanted to attend this tourney is so we could play the Li Express and Dukes. With the 3-0 record on Saturday, that got us into the Semi Finals against the LI Express (who we lost to twice this summer each time by a goal). With a win over the Express on Sunday, that would have gotten us into the finals vs the Dukes. Well, the LI Express got us once again with another 1 goal game and LIE defeated the Dukes by 5 in the finals. LXC Black finished 4th at the tourney.

Overall record 3-2 


Laxachusetts overall record at LI Lax Clash:

50 wins, 24 losses and 1 tie

11 Teams making it to the Semi Finals 

7 Teams making it to the Championship 

Came home with 5 Titles 



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