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REVISED LOCATION FOR ALL TRYOUTS : Laxachusetts 2014/2015 Program Year Tryouts Announced

By Staff, 08/29/14, 11:15AM EDT


Tryout for the Top Program in the Region

The online Registration for the 2014/2015 Tryouts will be OPEN June 1st, 2014. 
Players are encouraged to register online as it speeds up the check in process. 
Players can register for tryouts as a "walk up" but it just takes longer to fill out waiver and registration paperwork. 
Online registration takes care of all that. 
Thank You 
LXC Staff 
Laxachusetts 2014/2015 Boys Program Tryouts Announced 
Jut wanted to get this info out now so everyone has the tryout dates on their calendar. 
Below are the tryout dates for the 2014/2015 program year. 
Tryouts will be located at the TAUNTON FOREKICKS, 223 FREMONT STREET, TAUNTON, MA. 02780
Same as always. We have an OPEN Round of tryouts for NEW Players who were not part of the Laxachusetts program during the 2013/2014 season. 
The CALL BACK Tryouts are for RETURNING Laxachusetts players and any NEW players that were selected from the OPEN Tryout
As always, we encourage RETURNING players to attend BOTH CALLBACK tryouts. 
Tryout Schedule Below 

Saturday, Aug 16th, OPEN Tryout
11th grade (2016 class) 900am - 1030am (COMPLETED)
10th grade (2017class) 1030am - 1200pm (COMPLETED)
9th grade (2018 class) 1200pm - 130pm (COMPLETED)

8th grade (2019 class) 130pm - 300pm (COMPLETED)

Sunday, Aug 17th, OPEN Tryout

3rd grade and 4th grade (2024 class and 2023 class) 900am - 1030am (COMPLETED)
5th grade (2022 class) 1030am - 1200pm (COMPLETED)
6th grade (2021 class) 1200pm - 130pm (COMPLETED)

7th grade (2020 class) 130pm - 300pm (COMPLETED)

Tuesday, Aug 19th, OPEN Tryout 
9th grade (2018 class) 700pm - 900pm Field 1 (COMPLETED)
10th grade (2017class) 700pm - 900pm Field 2 (COMPLETED)
11th grade (2016 class) 700pm - 900pm Field 3 (COMPLETED)
Wednesday, Aug 20th, OPEN Tryout
7th grade (2020 class) 700pm - 900pm Field 1 and Field 2 (COMPLETED)
8th grade (2019 class) 700pm - 900pm Field 3 and Field 4 (COMPLETED)
Thursday Aug 21st, OPEN Tryout
3rd grade / 4th grade (2023 and 2024 class) 630pm - 800pm Field 1 (COMPLETED)
5th grade (2022 class) 630pm - 830pm Field 2 (COMPLETED)
6th grade (2021 class) 630pm - 830pm Field 3  (COMPLETED)
Saturday, Aug 23rd, CALL BACK Tryout
7th grade (2020 class) 900am - 1030am Field 1 and Field 2 (COMPLETED)
8th grade (2019 class) 1030am - 1200pm Field 1 and Field 2 (COMPLETED)
9th grade (2018 class) 1200pm - 130pm Field 1 and Field 2 (COMPLETED)
10th grade (2017 class) 130pm - 300pm Field 1 and Field 2 (COMPLETED)
11th grade (2016 class) 300pm - 430pm Field 1 and Field 2 (COMPLETED)
Sunday, Aug 24th, CALL BACK Tryout
9th grade (2018 class) 900am - 1100am fields 1 and 2 (COMPLETED)
10th grade (2017 class) 1100am - 100pm fields 1 and 2 (COMPLETED)
11th grade (2016 class) 100pm - 300pm fields 1 and 2 (COMPLETED)
Monday, Aug 25th, CALL BACK Tryout
3rd and 4th grade (2023 and 2024 class) 700pm - 830pm Field 1 (COMPLETED)
8th grade (2019 class) 700pm - 900pm Field 2 and Field 3  (COMPLETED)
Tuesday, Aug 26th, CALL BACK Tryout
5th (2022 class) 630pm - 830pm Field 1 (COMPLETED)
6th grade (2021 class) 630pm - 830pm Field 2 (COMPLETED)
7th grade (2020 class) 630pm - 830pm Field 3 and Field 4  (COMPLETED)
Wesdnesday, Aug 27th, CALL BACK Tryout
3rd and 4th grade (2023 and 2024 class) 700pm - 830pm Field 1 and Field 2 (COMPLETED)
8th grade (2019 class) 700pm - 900pm Field 3 and Field 4  (COMPLETED)
Thursday, Aug 28th, CALL BACK Tryout
5th (2022 class) 600pm - 800pm Field 1 (COMPLETED)
6th grade (2021 class) 600pm - 800pm Field 2 (COMPLETED)
7th grade (2020 class) 600pm - 800pm Field 3 and Field 4 (COMPLETED)
Please email us with any questions. 
Please also read below to learn more about the program design. 
Thank You for your interest in the Laxachusetts Program and for taking the time to learn more about us. 
LXC Staff 

The Registration "" is not currently available.

Grade based Team Tryouts:
Grade Players will be in for the 2014/2015 School Year

Open Tryout Format: 
Open Tryouts for any player that was not in the Laxachusetts program during the 2013/2014 program year. This is open to all players wishing to tryout for the 2014/2015 program year. We do not hold any roster spots for any players in the Laxachusetts program. All players need to tryout each year to be selected to the program.
There is 1 round of Open Tryouts. The Tryout fee covers ALL Open Tryouts and Callbacks for players that are selected to the Call Back Tryout.

Call Back Tryout Format:
Call Back Tryouts are for all players that were in the Laxachusetts Program during the 2013/2014 program year. We also invite the top players from the Open Tryout Rounds. All of these players then compete for 60 spots per grade for the 2014/2015 calendar year. 


Overview of the Laxachusetts Program:

  • Laxachusetts High School Fall Recruiting Showcases (tournaments are ala cart, players only pay for those they are able to attend) 
    • Sunday, Nov 2nd, Umass Mid Fall Classic (Grades 9th-11th)
    • Sunday, Nov 2nd, Legacy Fall Super 8 Showcase (Grades 9th - 11th) 
    • Sunday, Nov 9th, Harvard Fall Showcase (Grades 9th-11th)
    • Sunday, Nov 16th, Philly Showcase (10th & 11th only )
    • Sunday, Nov 23rd, Philly Showcase (9th grade only)

Laxachusetts Indoor Training Skills Program begins
Nov. 10th (Multiple Facilities) ends Feb. 26th


  • Monday Evenings, Norfolk Forekicks
    • 400pm - 530pm, 5th/6th Attack and Defense Positional Night 
    • 530pm - 700pm, 7th/8th Attack and Defense Positional Night 
  • Monday Evenings, Canton TJO Sportsplex
    • 500pm - 630pm, 5th/6th Midfield Positional Night
    • 630 - 800pm, 7th/8th Midfield Positional Night 
  • Tuesday Evenings, Sudbury Field House
    • 600pm - 730pm, 3rd, 4th/5th grades
    • 730pm - 900pm, 8th/9th grades
  • Wednesday Evenings, Sudbury Field House
    • 600pm - 730pm, 6th/7th grades
    • 730pm - 900pm, 10th/11th/12th grades
  • Wednesday Evenings, Canton TJO SportsPlex 
    • 500pm - 630pm, 4th Grade Skills 
    • 630pm - 800pm, 9th-12th grades, attack/defense (every other week)
    • 630pm - 800pm, 9th-12th grades, midfield (every other week)
  • ​Thursday Evenings, Hingham Sports Center (Goalie Night)
  • 630pm - 800pm, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th grade Goalies (every other week)
  • 630 - 800pm, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th grade Goalies (every other week)
  • We will have our Professional Goalie Coaches (at least 1 of these Coaches will be on hand at skill sessions: Tillman Johnson, Kyle Prussing, and Matt Geary) working with Goalies on Tuesday and Wednesday in Sudbury at Skill Sessions. We will also have Goalie Coach on Thursday Nights in Hanover at Skill Sessions. All Goalies will work with Goalie Coaches at skill sessions.


  • Thursday Evenings, Hanover University Sports Complex 
    • 600pm - 715pm, 3rd/4th grades, Field 1
    • 600pm - 715pm, 5th/6th grades, Field 2
    • 715pm - 830pm, 7th/8th grades, Field 1
    • 715pm - 830pm, 9th/10th/11th/12th grades, Field 2

Laxachusetts Offerings as part of the program fee:

  • Our very own video crew where we film all of the High School Fall and Summer Showcases in HD, no additional charges for game film to our players
  • College Recruiting Information Night (Fall) with a night for each class (2018 class, 2017 class, and 2016 class) 
  • College Recruiting Division (We have a minimum of 8 Coaches working with players and families on college recruiting assistance)
  • 16 Weeks of skills training (Nov - Feb) at multiple facilities (players can attend as few or as many sessions where their grade is scheduled) 
  • 2 Fall practices for High School players to prepare for Fall Recruiting Showcases
  • Spring Mini Camp for High School Players (Prior to the start of High School Spring Season) 
  • 4th Annual Laxachusetts Mini Camp Scrimmage for the rising senior class and rising sophomore class in front of College Coaches (Laxachusetts Players Only) We average 40 college coaches in attendance
  • Fall Custom Uniform and shooter shirt
  • Custom STX bag
  • Summer Custom Uniform and shooter shirt
  • Minimum of 2 coaches at all tournaments per team
  • Summer Youth Mini Camp (2 weekends in June)
  • Summer practices for youth and high school teams prior to tournaments 
  • All tournaments (fall and summer) are ala cart and you only pay for the tournaments you attend
  • We attend 3 - 4 tournaments in the summer and all are optional to attend

Laxachusetts Program Fee:

  • Laxachusetts Players (7th - 11th grades) $1400.00
  • Youth Players (4th - 6th grades) $1300.00
  • Youth Players (3rd grade) $1095.00 
  • ** For Out of State Players and Players that Board at School Only, We do have a Discounted Price Program**

Laxachusetts Optional Programs (not part of program fee) 


  • Laxachusetts Youth Fall Small Ball Jamboree, Grades 3rd-8th, Saturday, Nov 8th, 2014 (Taunton Forekicks Facility)
  • Laxachusetts High School Real Indoor Box Lacrosse League (Hingham Sports Center, Sundays from Dec - Feb)
  • Laxachusetts Youth Spring Lacrosse League (4th - 8th grades)
    • 2 Games per week (Saturdays), 1 weeknght practice and 1 Skills Session (Sunday mornings) per week
      • Begins March 8th/9th and Ends May 17th/18th
    • All games are filmed by our film crew
    • All game film is then broken down by Krossover Technology for players to review each week via email
    • Saturday Games will be at the NEW Taunton Forekicks Sports Complex outdoors. All teams will play a double header each week for a total of 16 games in 8 weeks
    • Weekinight Practice will be 2 locations (Metro West Area and South Shore area). Set up this way for players to choose location that is closest to them. Players attend South Shore or Metro West Session. 
    • Sunday Skill Sessions will be at the Norfolk Forekicks (indoor fields)
  • Speed/Agility with Speed and Strength Coach Brendan Shea and Positional Night (Attack, Defense,Midfield, Goalies) Monday evenings in Pembroke Field House 
    • 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade players from 530pm - 700pm
    • 9th, 10th, 11th and 12 grade players from 700pm - 830pm

    • This will be a high level training program and we will limit the number per position
    • Session I, 11/10, 11/17, 11/24, 12/1, 12/8, 12/15, 1/5 
    • Session II, 1/12, 1/19, 1/26, 2/2, 2/9, 2/16, 2/23

Laxachusetts Program Highlights

  • Laxachusetts has led the Nation in College Recruits in the 2012 Recruiting Class, the 2013 Recruiting Class and the 2014 Recruiting Class
    • 2012 Recruiting Class, 60 total college recruits, 24 of them Division 1 recruits
    • 2013 Recruiting Class, 61 total college recruits, 28 of them Division 1 recruits 
    • 2014 Recruiting Class, 61 total college recruits, 23 of them Division 1 recruits
    • Please click here to see the Laxachusetts entire program recruits
  • Laxachusetts currently has 50 coaches working in the program (many who are former College Coaches, World Team members, former MLL players, College All Americans, and High School Coaches) 
  • Laxachusetts member of the Platinum Cup which is made up the Top 8 Club Programs in the USA and Canada (Only Club Program Representing Massachusetts) 
  • Laxachusetts, Long Island Express, 91 Lacrosse, Sweetlax NY, Mesa Fresh, Dukes Lacrosse Club, West Coast Starz, True Lacrosse 

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