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Laxachusetts Teams Shine at the Legacy Invitational Tourney

By Sports Staff , 07/01/19, 12:45PM EDT


Our Laxachusetts High School and Youth teams were amazing at the Legacy Lacrosse Invitational. Over 140 College coaches in attendance for the High School Event and the youth event featured the top club programs from MA, NH, RI, ME, VT, CT, MI, IL, and NY.

Laxachusetts High School teams were in 5 of the 6 Championships and took home banners in both the 2022AA and 2022A divisions.

Laxachusetts Youth had 21 teams advance to the playoffs (with teams in every division AA and A). 

The following teams have advanced to the playoff pool of the Legacy Summer Invitational.

2028 Green 
2028 White
2028 Black 
2027 Yellow
2027 White
2027 Black 
2026 Black 
2026 White
2026 Green 
2025 Black 
2025 Yellow 
2025 White
2024 Black 
2024 Yellow 
2024 Green 
2024 White
2023 Black 
2023 Yellow 
2023 Green 
2023 White 
2023 Navy

Overall the Laxachusetts Youth teams took home Banners in the 2028, 2026A, 2026AA, 2025AA, 2024AA, 2023AA Divisions (Winning 6 out of 10 Championships) .

The Legacy Invitational is the ending to an absolutely amazing program year for most of our youth teams.

Just an incredible ending to the most successful summer tournament season we have had to date. Our AA and A level teams in every division competed against the top clubs and represented Boston with class and pride.

Winning games and tournaments is always fun but we judge our success on how the wins and losses happen.

Our boys work so hard all year and we are so proud to see he incredible improvement in their overall development in skill, Lax IQ, and competitiveness .

Boston Pride ☘️

Congrats to all of our players on an amazing Legacy Tourney and more importantly a superb 2018/2019 program year