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Laxachusetts Dominates Local Primetime Shootout

By Sports Staff , 06/18/19, 11:15PM EDT


Primetime Shootout Recap

Congratulations to all of our Champions:
2027AA Laxachusetts Black Co - Champs
2027AA Laxachusetts Yellow Co - Champs 
2027A Laxachusetts White Co - Champs
2027A Laxachusetts Green Co - Champs 
2026AA Laxachusetts Black Champs 
2025AA Laxachusetts Black Champs 
2024AA Laxachusetts Black Champs 
2024A Laxachusetts White Co - Champs 
2024A Laxachusetts Green Co - Champs 
2023A Laxachusetts Navy Co - Champs
2023A Laxachusetts Green Co - Champs 
2023AA Laxachusetts Black Champs

Congratulations to all of our Finalists:
2025A Laxachusetts White (2nd place) 
2026A Laxachusetts White (2nd place)

Congratulations to all of our semi finalists:
2028AA Laxachusetts Black (playing up in 4th grade division) (3rd place) 
2026AA Laxachusetts Yellow (3rd place) 
2026A Laxachusetts Green (3rd place)
2025AA Laxachusetts Yellow (3rd place) 
2025A Laxachusetts Green (4th place) 
2024AA Laxachusetts Yellow (3rd place) 
2024A Laxachusetts Navy (3rd place) 
2023AA Laxachusetts Yellow (4th place) 
2023A Laxachusetts White (3rd place)

Great job by our 2028A Green and White teams as well. Did not play the playoff pool but watching them move the ball, switch hands, and the hustle was just awesome. We are so fortunate to have such a tremendous 2nd/3rd grade group of high level and competitive players in this grade.

Congratulations to every player who left it all out on the field!